The Leader – The worst anime of 2019

Karl Marx is one of most influential figures in historic and political history making the foundations for socialism and communism .A story of his would be no doubt a great watch seeing the struggling idealist change the world .But sadly the The leader isnt not the best example of this man’s story

Created by the department of propaganda in China . The leader is animesque animation that tries poorly to execute what should a basic idea to implement .


Shuffling from different time periods from his death , to him as a teenager fighting in bars , to the blosoming friendships and romances in his life . It makes it a hard to follow . What’s worse is the budget with this show . With China making great strides in animation with titles like Cupid Chocolates, and other shows making great examples of how Chinese animation can be done . This show has the same budget and animation as the fan made first season of Rwby using poorly rendered cg instead of hand drawn animation or high end cg of polygon


It’s not all bad as the opening song used for the show is great example of Chinese pop music that makes it feel like a anime

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