Is there room for politics in Anime Fandom?

I’ve been involved in conventions since 2013 and been a fan of anime since the early 90s. I’ve always seen anime fandom as this fun odd mixture of every sort of political , economic and sexual background all gathering together to escape from the hecticness and dread of reality for one weekend.3582lc3

2018 times have changed however as politics has overcome every topic we come to discuss. Even professionals in the industry will not stop speaking about politics .

Whether Right or Left wing or identity politics its anime fandom has becoming less of a community but as site of tribal wars of people picking sides.

But does it really belong in the convention scene? My answer is not really . We take in too much hostility now every day. In America and England there is a growing rise of hate groups . One of the main reasons of this growing isolation we are feeling in the modern world. Things may be changing way to quickly for some of us adapt too.

I know the media and social media can color people’s perception on things. Conservatives are nazis , Liberals are ruining the world, We hear these comments all time even from creators of our favourite creators . Sadly this is just a result of living in a hyper informative , high emotional state in time . Not all republicans or right wing people are evil not all liberals are ruining the world. All of us are just trying to get by one day at a time . So in this ultra political time My advice for people is to sit down and enjoy a drink with your from the other political spectrum and try to understand why they think the way do. Then together we can solve the greatest problem of conquering hate while discussing why your waifu is trash


Way of the Yakuza – Back Street Girls Gokudolls

When three yakuza fail their boss way too many times they are offered a choice. Commit honorable Suicide or go to Thailand and get Gender Reassignment surgery to become the latest idol group to hit Japan. They become a overnight success unfortunately some habit are hard to beat because deep down they are still yakuza and men. back_street_girls_01_02

Taking Crime life and comparing it to the idol lifestyle was something I never really thought before until this show premiere.


But after the first episode of over the top humor and reactions made me question how come i never thought of this similar. Between the gruelling training and restrictions put on most women who pursue this career it’s so easy to see how much similar the crime lifestyle.

Animation is similar to Cromartie High School parodying the old shonen style animation of the 70s and 80s.

If you like Politically Incorrect over the top humor this is meant for you.

If you like Cromartie High , AK0048, Love live anime then give it a shot on Netflix soon.



Worldcon or Ireland2019 Is it Worth it?

It’s the day after Dublin Comic Con and while I really enjoyed . It also gave me time to consider a personal question. What happens when Politics and Conventions combine?

For the past 2 years I have been hyping for Worldcon through my podcast because I believed this was a way for the convention scene in Ireland to make a legitimate name for itself as pop cultural hub. I spent a good while thinking about meeting the likes of Mur Lafferty and winners of the Hugo awards in my head. cov-centre-475x440

Unfortunately due to constantly changing times of the current climate . Conventions have been becoming more and more political . Attacks on youtubers at Gencon this year marked a sign of the times . World Con themselves have also become more political as American tensions have put pressure on committees to include more Progressive policies. shamrokongroup-638x477

This is where the dilemma comes in Dublin 2019 for panelists asks in when applying for press and panelists for a long list of details from sexual orientation , gender etc which I was quite skeptical about. And recently they have announced a code of conduct which includes rules against using terms like sjws , against microaggressions which confused me and annoyed me on a personal level.

But after speaking with people on both sides of the political spectrum I came at a crossroads. Should I promote or condone this level of rules enforcement in the Irish community?

The answer I came to was let my fans make their own choice by allowing them to decide by showing the pros and cons of this event and maybe offer some alternatives and some advice for the committee of Ireland 2018


This will bring in much needed convention tourism for Ireland as people from all over the world .

Allows us to set a precedent as the first time Ireland will host a event of this size and history.

More events in this country the better as the conventions in Ireland have closed down over the years

Will make up for the disgraceful performance of Gamercon aka Scamcon

Guests for Ireland 2019 will include Bill and Mary Burns founders of

Diane Duane –  writer The Door Into Fire , Games Wizards Play and countless Star trek novels

Steve Jackson – game creator


Price Gauge – Ticket prices go from 110- 120 euro a ticket for this event as a membership system on top of dublin Hotel prices will possibly drain your account and prevent you from attending other conventions in Ireland and Europe for a while

Selection of Guests – Anime and pop culture has always has been a part of the Science Fiction Scene even from the early days showing bootleg copies of Astroboy but there doesn’t seem to be many guests that would interest us anime fans . From Legend of the Galactic Hero to Darling in the Franxx anime and its fandom has shown we love sci fi as much as any old school fan of the genre.

Rules – Irish Culture and Geek Culture is a unusual beast . The typical saying is our closest friends we insult and most hated enemies we compliment which would break most of the rules at this event.

The standing rule about not using the term SJW is kind of a odd thing . Irish conventions usually involve the pub where we gather around  afterwards debate everything from movies , anime , and politics.

History of the Con- The convention has various dealings with voter blocks of Conservative writers nominating silly titles into their awards. Bringing that kind of bitterness into the country can spell a dangerous situation especially when so many hate groups are located just in the UK that amount of publicity will put Ireland in their crosshairs.

So it’s up to you my audience if this convention is up your alley then go for it .

Alternatively there is Jcon, Dublin Comic Con , Tokonatsu over in the uk,

My advice to the Worldcon committee and other cons is introducing a over intrusive liberal policies would create a greater force against it . But by having standard agreement of rules in place ie , No bullying that conventions have been applying for years would prevent less resistance as everyone knows we need these rules in place.

The convention world is wide and vast so it’s up to the people what makes a good convention for them.

ireland 2019


Daganronpa v3 Killing Harmony

With Halloween approaching and I know I have spoken about the game on the podcast but I thought a written review was also help be needed to explain my feelings towards Daganronpa v3 Killing Harmony.


Story of the Franchise

High school student Kaede Akamatsu is kidnapped and awakens a pseudo abandoned school called  “Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles” (才囚学園 Sai-shū Gakuen), where she meets fellow student Shuichi Saihara and 14 supposed ultimate students. The teens are abruptly accosted by a series of bear robots also known as the Monokuma Kubs who expose them to a “Flashback Light”. When Kaede next awakes, she remembers her life as the Ultimate Pianist, while Shuichi is the Ultimate Detective. Their other classmates each have their own talents and histories. Monokuma arrives and informs the students that the only way to escape is to successfully kill another student and get away with it in a subsequent Class Trial. If no one bothers to compete in the killing game he will kill all the students.


That is the bear minimum I can explain about the game story without going into spoiler territory but from what I can tell you is play as a character completely different from the rest of the franchise. You don’t play as a Ultimate hope which adds a level of difficulty to the game this time around.


Evidence /Mechanics

Now for the mechanics of the game you are awarded some extra skills and coins if you uploaded the demo game before your purchase of the main game which is a nice little bonus giving you the core idea of what the game is about.

The mini games are anything from racing games to puzzles which you will have to solve before you complete the main the Class trials.

The Class Trials work very similar to the mechanics used in Phoenix Wright but this time with the new game there is a twist . Not only can you prove your innocence in the court but now you can have the feature where you can lie to the other students to refute a statement.

Verdict: Guilty Fun but its a extremely difficult game to review. Fun, gory, bearable

Yakuza Kiwami or Yakuza Extreme

Does everyone remember the 90’s? A time when every single bit of merchandise contained the word extreme trying to appeal to the younger generation. Well keeping in the tune of going down a nostalgia trip we have Yakuza Kiwami.

Kiwami being the Japanese for Extreme sets you up for the expectations even before you press start.

Yakuza Kiwami is a remake of the original 2005 Yakuza game. The game that started it all off. It’s been years since I first played the Yakuza game and what treat it was.

Story : The story takes place when the Yakuza clan boss attempts to violate Kazuma’s best friend Yumi framed for a murder and set to prison for 10 years. When he is released he discovers that the clans have changed and his friend Yumi has gone missing.

Gameplay: Just like the original game the mechanics works in with combining GTA style gameplay with martial arts works surprisingly well with this fun adventure.

Tone is a over the top story line that is one part infernal affairs , and another part lock stock and 2 smoking barrels with its mini games and over played up characters gives you a sense that every character in this world makes every motion and dialogue overly dramatic.

Is the game any good ?

Looks like with this game Sega may be making a great comeback to the west with this powerhouse title which reminds people that games are supposed to be fun.


Which worked more Whipgirl vs Wanna be the Strongest

Today we are going to put 2 shows against each other Keijo!!!!! and Wanna be the Strongest in the World .

Plot : Wanna be the Strongest in the World is about Sakura a member of Pop Idol Group. However one day a wrestler beats up her rival in her group. To avenge her she is introduced to Berserk wrestling where the wrestler is a part of. This is the story of how she discovers her potential as a wrestler.


Created by Arms which is most well known for Genshiken seasons 1 and 2 as well as the infamous Queens Blade series . We know how good the panty shot animations are compared to the actual fight scenes.


Very bland and generic


You be the Judge



When Nozomi quits a promising career to pursue keijo!!! to help her family escape a life of poverty.


This Series is brought to you by Xebec well known for Love Hina , Martian Successor Nedessico and To Love Ru.

Unusually this show has some great and over the top fight scenes that doesn’t spend to long on 1 particular panty shot.




Generally bland soundtrack except for the very catchy opening but it is not surprising from the creators of Love Hina.


Anime References are scattered all throughout this series as over the top power moves from Attack on Titan to Fate series are all included in this show


the Winner

Well it has to be Keijo!!! with its over the top fight scenes you cant help but enjoy it.



Geek Eire podcast : Gay Angry Dinosaurs

In this episode we talk about a Marvel getting in trouble in multiple fronts.

As well we talk about anime of the new season.

Mini Review-Attack of the Super Monsters.

Turns out dinosaurs have been living in the center of the earth for millions of years. When the leader of the dinosaurs the Evil Tyrannous declares war on the surface world. A team is crated to battle these ferocious creatures. The Team is called the Gemini Force. Ok tell me if this sounds like a a really bad toy commercial. Well back int he early 80s a vhs company purchased the rights for a poorly made Saturday Morning Cartoon from Japan and decided to put their own spin on the franchise. What was the result? A Dinosaur sized fail and great comedy. As the show progresses . The dub company decided to insert their dialogue including rabid dogs looking like their ex wife to Cam Clark ( famous for TMNT and Akira) voicing a talking T. Rex dinosaur.


To put things of the mixture of bad animation, puppet work and rubber dinosaur suits fighting thunderbird jets doesn’t even make much sense.

Attack of the Super Monsters


But with all these mistakes it creates a great comedy as you enjoy the cringiest thing ever created.