Yakuza Kiwami or Yakuza Extreme

Does everyone remember the 90’s? A time when every single bit of merchandise contained the word extreme trying to appeal to the younger generation. Well keeping in the tune of going down a nostalgia trip we have Yakuza Kiwami.

Kiwami being the Japanese for Extreme sets you up for the expectations even before you press start.

Yakuza Kiwami is a remake of the original 2005 Yakuza game. The game that started it all off. It’s been years since I first played the Yakuza game and what treat it was.

Story : The story takes place when the Yakuza clan boss attempts to violate Kazuma’s best friend Yumi framed for a murder and set to prison for 10 years. When he is released he discovers that the clans have changed and his friend Yumi has gone missing.

Gameplay: Just like the original game the mechanics works in with combining GTA style gameplay with martial arts works surprisingly well with this fun adventure.

Tone is a over the top story line that is one part infernal affairs , and another part lock stock and 2 smoking barrels with its mini games and over played up characters gives you a sense that every character in this world makes every motion and dialogue overly dramatic.

Is the game any good ?

Looks like with this game Sega may be making a great comeback to the west with this powerhouse title which reminds people that games are supposed to be fun.


Dragon Half but All Comedy

In our preparation for interviewing the awesome Jessica Calvello. We are taking a look back at Dragon Half created by Production IG but back then known as Victor Entertainment back in 1993.


The plot is simple . Mink a daughter of the one greatest Swordmasters in the kingdom and a Red Dragon. She is hopelessly in love with “Dick” Saucer a famous Dragon slayer and pop singer. To make her wishes come true she with the help of her friends search for the human human potion to make her 100% human. Meanwhile a dopey king and his selfish daughter plot to get revenge on her parents by kidnapping her to get revenge for some minor reason.


While the story is simple it doesn’t take a lot to make this a great show. Using a great comedic timing and plenty of 4th wall breaking moments including a moment where characters watch the first episode of the show to recall a plot point .

If I was going to compare the show to anything I would compare with the likes of Slayers and Crayon Shin Chan with its use of comedy and Fantasy elements.

The only problem is I really wanted more only comprising of 2 episode OAV could done a lot more by having additional episodes.

If you enjoy some good slapstick comedy why not check it out Dragon Half


Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1 Review

HyperDimension Neptunia Re:Birth1 is a remake of the PS3 Version called HyperDimension Mk1.

The story is set in a land called Gamindustri where 4 Goddesses rule over the four lands known as Lowee, Lastation, Planeptune and Leanbox. Over the years the Goddesses have been battling in a 400 year war known as the Console War ( you probably know where this is heading by now lol). During the Last war they have decided to team up and gang up on the Neptune or Lady Purple Heart as her Goddess name who rules over Planeptune. After a long fierce battle Neptune is finally outnumbered and is knocked unconscious and falls from the air from Celestia the Land where the Goddesses Battle Area.


Later on she awakens and is found by a girl known as Compa (our first company mascot player for Compile Heart) who brings her back to hear apartment to aid her wombs. As the Story progresses Neptune and Compa travel to different dungeons and lands while meeting new allies and familiar faces of the other Goddesses
but due to Neptune’s Amnesia they dont have any reason to fight her any more and instead assist her on her Journey to stop the Main Villain Arfoire who tries to take over the land by Copying the Goddess power to help her aids.


Game play:
The game play is a semi turn based style with the freedom to move around in a small area to target further back enemies in battle which gives you you freedom to aim your weapon to hit as much enemies as you can at once.
Like other JRPG’s its a Dynamic system which enemies appear on screen where you attack them to initiate battle mode, with a nice unique combo system of Power, Gaurd Break and Rush attacks with a following up Ex attacks and Ex Finishers when the Ex Gauge fills up to a certain number.
Another unique feature to this game is the Remake system on the world map where players can edit dungeons by adding options to make harder enemies appear and adding new items drop to even even adding new items, accessories, weapons to your shop menu.

Lilly Rank system is another battle feature where you can pair up characters to create assist attacks or unique Ex Skills between the two known as HyperDimension Ex skills only between the goddesses only.

The First game play might need some grinding for some bosses unless that’s what most people do in any game but it has lots of fun in it and will need to a NewGame+ or two to unlock everything in it where you can keep your levels and your previous Memory which is gathered through bosses for unlocking stuff in the remake system.

This game was alot of fun to me and was really enjoyable to play.
If your a hardcore gamer and know your JRPG Companies you will get the reference for the playable characters names. It was definitely a new gem to my collection.