Understanding the Cultural Context : Rising of a Shield Hero

At the moment one of the most popular shows and most debated shows of the season has to be Shield Hero . Shield Hero has its main protagonist transported to other world only to be set up for false rape allegations and robbed in foreign land. While fans will praise the show for clever way of putting the main character in a against the odds scenario where everyone is against you with no way of leaving the world.


Some professionals and critics in the industry has accused the show of misogynist overtones.


But a lot of these people are using the today’s context . Shield Hero was written in 2013 by Aneko Yusagi . In 2013 there was a increase of false groping allegations(chikan) made against men in Japan to the point now a days . There has been a increase in groping insurance being taken out . Japanese law is also quite different than most of the West. In Japanese law most investigations are conducted after a confession has been made.


We aren’t saying that it is a major problem internationally but when it does happen in America it does happen to be a huge issue but in Japanese courts its very hard to prove innocence when confession is made first .

Thoughts are still out on the series as we are only a few episodes in .But I hope people can take the cultural context when looking at anime that has a over reaction such as this.