Initial thoughts of 2019 anime

We did a recording on our initial thoughts of this current anime season but it would also be best to have a written account .

Shield Hero – A excellent hook for a first episode while having some problems in its exposition it takes 13 minutes to get into the full premise in its premiere episode. A boy gets transported into another world with no knowledge of gaming only to be put in the worst class and set up for a crime he did not commit. Will he succumb to the evils of the new world and the image the society has made for him or will he prove them all wrong?


Boogiepop and others – A welcome classic makes its return with horror suspense and action . When teenagers start disappearing all due to a connection to a unknown drug the entity known as Boogiepop phantom must make a possession of a body to help defend the world against evil.



Yakusoku no Neverland – A strong new contender in horror. A group of orphan kids are held in a orphanage with numbers tattooed on them awhile going through experimentation. The unfit children for testing are taken off or “adopted” will the main character Emma survive in a place not quite what it seems . Using strong themes and comparisons to the Holocaust and camps this is a the new hype of the season.


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Geek Eire podcast : Prison Creepers

In this week’s episode we discuss Suicide Squad , Free : Eternal Summer new medium, Batman’s Killing Joke along with a Review on Prison School

This episode was recorded prior to the event that took place over the weekend.

A update will follow some time today


Geek Eire:Gascon 2015 Dawn of the Carrie

This week we talk about Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice , Naruto Spinoff movie , Free Comic Book Day event held in Tallaght for the simon community and as a special treat a interview with Carrie Keranen voice actor for such big shows such as Kill la kill , Gokusen , YugiOh and Madoka

Geek Eire podcast – Size does Matter

In this week’s episode we talk about the biggest breasts visiting Japan. and our highlights with Warpcon 2015

Worries about Spiderwoman in the upcoming Marvel universe

And Shuffle the anime series.

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Geek Eire – The Force is Cranky

In this weeks episode we talk about Star Wars and Jurassic World trailer and thought about our l;ast convention at dominicon which was held in Maynooth Co. Kildare. And also we talk news and review Kotoro-san

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Bring on the Blood – Mark Rein Hagan interview Geek Eire

In this episode we interview Mark Rein Hagan .

He is most known for his work with White Wolf gaming and his creation World of Darkness. The game itself has spanned into countless expansions, videogames and even a tv show . His work has influenced films, books and media today . So we sit down to Talk Vampire the Masquerade , kickstarter campaigns and crazy people.

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Geek Eire Belfast Film and Comic Con , Naruto , and Death Threats against Venus Angelic

This week we talk highlights of Belfast Film and Comic Convention we recently did a panel at.

Naruto Finale whether we hate or love him the franchise in hindsight.

And Youtuber Venus Angelic has been made guest at Eirtakon and some people hate her showing up at it

Along with some news we talk about.

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Geek Eire Special – Brains Boobs and Bullets a Interview with Karen Sakai

It was a absolutely a pleasure to interview this lovely Cosplayer from Washington. Ex Navy, Holds 2 Degrees and beauty . We hope to be working with her in the future.

Karen Sakai – Karen Sakai Cosplay

Deviant Art – Karen Sakai

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