Dragon Half but All Comedy

In our preparation for interviewing the awesome Jessica Calvello. We are taking a look back at Dragon Half created by Production IG but back then known as Victor Entertainment back in 1993.


The plot is simple . Mink a daughter of the one greatest Swordmasters in the kingdom and a Red Dragon. She is hopelessly in love with “Dick” Saucer a famous Dragon slayer and pop singer. To make her wishes come true she with the help of her friends search for the human human potion to make her 100% human. Meanwhile a dopey king and his selfish daughter plot to get revenge on her parents by kidnapping her to get revenge for some minor reason.


While the story is simple it doesn’t take a lot to make this a great show. Using a great comedic timing and plenty of 4th wall breaking moments including a moment where characters watch the first episode of the show to recall a plot point .

If I was going to compare the show to anything I would compare with the likes of Slayers and Crayon Shin Chan with its use of comedy and Fantasy elements.

The only problem is I really wanted more only comprising of 2 episode OAV could done a lot more by having additional episodes.

If you enjoy some good slapstick comedy why not check it out Dragon Half


Delinquent in Drag OAV Anime

Go Nagai creator of Mazinger Z , Violence Jack and Cutie Honey . Always surprises me whenever I find work I haven’t seen. this series where the protagonist Banji Suke who after a clerical screw up send him a wrong school uniform and has to dress as a girl to attend school . As Suke Ban is a rebellious boy who comes from a completely dysfunctional family where they constantly beat the shit out of each other constantly or goes down the perverted route creates a comedic tension.

When he attends the school the evil Principal witnesses a fight between him and a rebel gang of pantyhose girls(seriously that’s their name) sees his necklace given to him by his step mother and desires it for no apparent reason and sends every club after him to claim the necklace.

kanko deliquient in drag

The story is quite simple . But there’s something you can get from the show . Things are taken up in straight value . He wears a sailor fuku outfit -there for he is now a female . Which makes the reader in on a joke that only you and the main character were in on.

Delinquent in Drag

The animation is quite dated but still enjoyable with 80’s style music .

Is worth a watch sure but don’t think your going to get anything deep or meaning full because with a lot of his work . He wanted to address a few issues of the time but overall he just did because he thought it was fun.