Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta? (And you thought there is never a girl online?

Back in early 2000’s you always hear stories of guys falling in love with people in MMOs during the heyday of World of Warcraft. As friends we have always made jokes of these stories that the female avatar was always played by a stereotypical overweight troll who agreed to go out to get some rare items or just for lol.


This is what I originally thought this series was going to be about . But this series based on the light novel of the same name written by Shibai Kineko that was released in the Spring this year is about a young teenager Hideki Nishimura who not only finds out his team online are real life girls but are also classmates from his school.


Sounds very Haremeque so far but Hideki has become disillusioned about his life after asking a female player in the game only to discover that the player was a guy.


I think all of us can identify going on a first date or talking with a potential interest only to discover they weren’t what you were expecting.


The series is broken down to 2 arcs . The first is the introduction arc where the players meet up in person and the founding of their school gaming club and the Romance arc where Hideki comes to grips with falling in love with character’s wife who in the real world is delusional female fellow student with severe anxiety problems.

High points of the show : Animation is light and bubbly which makes the show an enjoyable watch with plenty of humorous moments.


Low points : The goal of the show was to help the love interest realize she isn’t married but nothing is resolved here besides the main character falling for her. I wished that she was able see reality for what is was . The main character asked her out , or spoke from the heart it had no emotional effect on her because she already believed they were together.

Final Thoughts : Lacks any emotional impact but still enjoyable 5/10 Boobies


Absolute Rubbish – Absolute Duo Review

Where to begin with probably worst anime  of 2015 . Based on the light novel of the same name created by Takumi Hiiragiboshi who’s only credit is this joke of a show takes place at a school where the student Battle each other using weapons called Blaze . Our main character Tor uses a Blaze shield which makes him an irregular user

Each student is paired with a partner that compliments their fighting style . Tor is teamed up with Julie Sigtuna a supposed a Scandinavian girl who uses 2 swords as weapons .


This is where things end on common and entertainment as things get way to clichéd as the they throw in too cliched boring girls into this harem. The only redeeming feature being a psychotic bunny teacher who barely shows up in the series to make room for a villain group called Equipment Smiths who have a feud with one of the harem girls family’s and only want power.

But the biggest problem is bland main character . Tor is searching vengeance for his family that was killed by a mysterious group that isn’t brought up a lot in story and his goal changes to being strong enough to protect Julie

Animation is sub standard at best which is why I really need to ask why create something so crappy 1.5/5


Familiar of Zero Review

Ok everybody remember Inuyasha. It was a good show with some memorable story about a girl that gets sucked into the past to help a half demon collect shards of a magical jewel.

Familiar of Zero has a very similar premise – A nobel girl who’s studying magic ( but can never summon anything past a explosion and given the title of Zero Louise accidentally transports a young Japanese boy called Seito from our world. What was originally considered the most useless thing ever. But through a early revelation shows us that he is the   Gandálfr or God’s left Hand. When in battle he can use any item as long as its a proper weapon.


What it starts as a little cookie cutter at first . Every character is very cliqued but as the story progresses it shows something most shonen stories don’t usually have. A serious amount of larger world building .

Nobles are people connected to a royal family that can use magic. These people at first have a high sense of superiority treating the non magic users which they call plebeians worse than dirt throughout the show. This is shown to contrast with to the Familiar and Summoner Contract between the 2 major characters  Seito and Louise. It the beginning of the show . she treats him like the worst piece of garbage ever from exploding him to whipping him with a horse whip. but as the relationship grows they start to care for each other.(although the beatings still are a part of the jokes).


The first part of the show focuses on how the magic world try to recover “ancient powerful items” to be used for evil purposes. But the twist in the show gives it a nice sense of grounding.

This series has 4 seasons showing the relationship between magic users and non magic users.

Would I suggest it for people- yes its enjoyable with nice animation which doesn’t go over board on comedy or action