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In this week’s episode we discuss Suicide Squad , Free : Eternal Summer new medium, Batman’s Killing Joke along with a Review on Prison School

This episode was recorded prior to the event that took place over the weekend.

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One Hit Wonder or One hit KO – One Punch Man Review

One Punch Man is a anime developed by Madhouse based on the ongoing online comic of the same name.

The story is set a alternative world where our main character Saitama live in Z-City a city that is constantly under attack from numerous villains and natural disasters and many heroes with amazing abilities to combat them.

Saitama is easily the strongest character of the show. Flipping the role of the typical shonnen jump route. He is already bored with being a hero. As every obstacle he overcomes with no effort at all.


Genos is disciple and partner register the Hero Association in the hopes to gain recognition for their efforts. Which is only challenged by various heroes who laugh off Saitama as weak and useless.


For ages after its release the popularity was huge mostly due to common basis that everyone at one point in time used to be a Shonnen fan. I was hesitant not because of the popularity but due its premise. I’ve been in the trenches for way to long and have seen all the parodies for the Shonnen genre that it was almost cliched.

But one of the shows greatest strengths is tackling the topic of depression and resentment.

Saitama is bored due to his own power but its dealing with depression and boredom of moving forward is something quite unique. We all struggle with the daily routine whether if its about looking for work, keeping our employment or just living its how we deal with it that really matter and working towards a goal.

One-Punch Man - 02 - Large 04

Resentment plays a equally strong theme throughout the series. Every Hero and member of the public hates him. Blaming him for either taking credit or being a fake . This reflects a lot what everyone deals with . Whenever we achieve good things in our life whether its a job , a love life or simply gotten healthier . Misery love company and  hates competition.

But Saitama never lets it get to him because that was never the reason why he became the hero he simply became one because he was bored while he searched for employment.

But as season 2 rumours have spread over the summer it remains to be seen . Can One Punch man continue with the same pace and jokes as the first season did or literally be a one punch hit?

Well either way its something that people should be watching for . 3/5 Mosquitoes



Hataraki Man Review aka Working Man

Hiroko Matsukata is a story that deals with a topic not touched often in anime. It is a story that deals with real world problems. The story centers around Hiroko a 28 year woman who works for a men’s interest  magazine company. She puts all she has into her work, and is known as a strong, straightforward working girl, who can at will turn herself into Hataraki man (working man) mode.  No this isn’t a super power its just her mode of sheer determination to get the job done no matter what it is.


Despite Hiroko’s success at work her love life is always unbalanced with her and her boyfriends’s late hours, Between dealing with her the problems of deadlines and getting leads for projects and competing against the other women in her workplace . There is one thing for sure . This is a original show with a unique take on a real world topic which needs more exploration.



In a world now a days that dealing with the rise of Feminism and a harsh working world in general . This is the series that deals with many of these topics. With a very episodic format dealing a lot of problems a lot of us will be dealing with now or in the future. This is a example of how a anime series can properly deal with the real world and still have a entertainment quality to it. You can relate to these characters because you deal with these problems from deadlines to fellow employees sleeping around its our determination that gives us the outcome that we want and need.




Gokusen Anime and Manga Review

Created back in 2004 based on the manga of the same name. The story is centered young Yankumi a recent graduate starting her career as a teacher. The problem is her real name is Kumiko Yamaguchi the grand-daughter of Yakuza boss, Kuroda of the Kuroda Ikka.She has to balance her yakuza past and family with teaching her class of delinquent students that are likely to end in prison.

Gokusen anime

Gokusen anime

While the story is quite simple the anime and manga has a real heart to it as even though I wouldn’t be the intended demographic(Josei – adult woman audience ) there is something about the show that speaks to me . It’s probably down to the character Yankumi, she is to me the ultimate ideal woman in my eyes . due to her strong upbringing from the yakuza lifestyle and background she gives off an aura of ultimate bad ass. she cool calm and collected and inspires her students to do more with her lives than being another potential criminal in the making. Not only that she doesn’t just inspire her students but makes an example of herself by taking action many countless times even by putting her career and her life on the line.

Maths made fun

Maths made fun

The show’s humor relies on the slapstick nature of the oddball classroom of students or Yankumi’s dialogue of Gangster and professional . The animation is handled by Madhouse who have made some great animations in the past including Monster, Cardcaptor Sakura and X/1999 and its television show.


Now there is a drama series also based on the manga but it loses some of its humor by emphasizing more of the romance and good looking students to make the series more appealing to the female audience and while it has its good moments continuing a base story to 3 seasons and a movie it will get repetitive as it follows the same format each season . She gets fired from a job teaching to end up in a position teaching a class of delinquents, inspires them and falls in love with the good looking and smart quiet guy which if I was the first guy I would be pissed off she falls for guys so damn easily.


Maria Holic – Dude looks like a lady Review

As of tradition of every Valentines day since we started we pick the best anti Valentine’s Day show for people out there . Because there is enough stuff pandering to every couple from anime to films and specials all dedicated to celebrating the fact they found some significant other.

chick is a dude

Well this year we have chosen Maria Holic.

Maria Holic is a Story of Kanako who after her parents died in a car crash changes schools to find the love of her life . O does it sound very innocent and romantic gesture. Well we forgot to tell you that she hates men , a dirty minded lesbian and her room mate is sadistic cross dude who just so happens to be one of the most popular students in the school .


What makes this show one of the most bizarre comedies I have seen in awhile but the animation and music are beyond anything for a comedy show . But you can’t expect anything less from Studio Shaft the creators of Madoka Magica and Bakamonogatari, As a comedy it does push boundaries of what can be defined as what demographics this show is aimed for . Neither specifically aimed for men or women. It’s just humorous the only character that wants fanservice is Maria who’s day dream fascinations  about her own harem are never the reality as she is constantly abused , beaten and used by most

of the girls in her school

maria holic

Would i recommend this show for anyone who wants to avoid depression and feeling low during one of the mostly over hyped holidays.

Trouble Chocolate Review

In Anime we have many different types of Harems but while most of them have some redeeming things whether comedy, entertaining fan service, or even action in some cases. Some can be just irritating. Sadly this is one of those Harems.

Trouble Chcoclate

Worst anime animation in awhile

Story :Cacao woke up to find a girl sleeping next to him. Unable to remember what had happened on his own and didn’t get enough needed answers from Hinano, he went to school to ask his friends what had happened. He finally got the explanation of events from Prof. Ghana in term Cacao joined his wizardry class. Turns out he hate a 200-year-old magical bar of Chocolate and gave life to a Marionette.

trouble chcoclate backdrop

While a lot of this show tries to parody other shows in the same genre the humour really falls flat over the show . The animation and artwork used in the show is barely scrapping industry standard . One of the Worst Harem Shows I have ever seen . What ever you don’t watch this its just really crappy. It’s not offensive its just bland over used troupes over and over again.


Geek Eire – The Force is Cranky

In this weeks episode we talk about Star Wars and Jurassic World trailer and thought about our l;ast convention at dominicon which was held in Maynooth Co. Kildare. And also we talk news and review Kotoro-san

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trinity seven

Trinity 7 Anime Review

Kasuga Arata lived a normal life together with his childhood friend, Hijiri, in a small town. However, everything changed on the day of the Black Sun, and a magician appeared before him. The Black Sun caused the Breakdown Phenomenon which destroyed the town where he lives. Because of this, his normal life was artificially reconstructed by a grimoire that his childhood friend had left. The appearance of the magician led him to a new life in the Royal Biblia Academy and meeting the members of the Trinity Seven.

trinity seven

Later he learns the only way to rescue his childhood friend is to become friends and use the magic of the Trinity Seven the most powerful magic users in the school with his own power of Lord Demon Candidate. The offers some great comedic moments mixed in with some good magic battles . But outside the typical Harem story the elements that make it most unique is the magic .


Magic in this universal is all based on the opposite of our most negative trait . For example Kasuga most negative trait is he is a massive pervert. So he soon realizes his magic and power is based on control.

Overall the story is fun fast paced with a good sense of humour . Quite enjoyable for a Harem show in today’s current Anime season

Geek Eire Special – Brains Boobs and Bullets a Interview with Karen Sakai

It was a absolutely a pleasure to interview this lovely Cosplayer from Washington. Ex Navy, Holds 2 Degrees and beauty . We hope to be working with her in the future.

Karen Sakai – Karen Sakai Cosplay

Deviant Art – Karen Sakai

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