We never learn : Bokuben

This shonen anime is about Nariyuki Yuiga who striving to get into his choice of colleges gets roped into giving grinds for 2 natural geniuses  in their worst subjects . Their dreams don’t seem to match with their natural ability as its uphill battle for the 3 as they work towards their goals.


Fumino is a natural arts and literature genius but dreams to study astronomy but lacks the necessary math needed to get into her college . She plays the older sister character giving advice to the characters throughout the story

maxresdefault (2)

Rizu is the natural math and science genius but her dream is to get into a liberal arts college . She wants to accomplish her goal to help her connect with people which a lot can connect with .

While all the girls develop feelings for the main character its because of different reasons which was great change of pace . Deep down both of them develop love towards Nariyuki because he helps them achieve their goals and listens to them .

Communication is the main source of connecting with someone which a lot of harem shows don’t convey as much as they used to.


Music in the show is a little disappointing and speeds through the manga more touching moments

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kaguya love is war

Currently a ongoing anime series by A-1 Pictures .Student council president Miyuki Shirogane and vice-president Kaguya Shinomiya appear to be the perfect couple. Kaguya is the daughter of a wealthy conglomerate family, and Miyuki is the top student at the school and well-known across the prefecture. Although they like each other, they are too proud to confess their love as they believe whoever does so first would lose. The story follows their many schemes to make the other one confess.love is war

Kaguya is a intelligent , beautiful and always trying to stay one step ahead of every situation .

Miyuki  is the top student of the school and the president of the Student Council . Always super serious and hard working and trying to figure out ways to respond to the plans of Kaguya who always comes up with these over the top plans to get him to ask her out .

Both characters straight man act are played so much it reminds me every Feminist v Men’s Right Advocate argument online . chika

In a sense both these characters are so obsessed with each other but never willing to admit they love each other so much but don’t concede defeat .

Same way it goes with these groups online . These fights feel almost like a wrestling style of dramatics but so in obsessed with others movements .

Both groups have strong point and negative parts of their culture both in real life and in theory love is war 2

But what makes this show really come to life is the secondary characters Chika the student council secretary a upbeat slightly ditzy with a dark sense of adventure . She brings chaos for main cast. and The Treasurer Yu is a slightly paranoid genius with numbers and a slight romantic .

love is war 3.gif

Making this show one of the best secret gems of the season . Each episode is so good just like with these online fights you just want both sides to admit they want to fuck and get things over with.


Worldcon or Ireland2019 Is it Worth it?

It’s the day after Dublin Comic Con and while I really enjoyed . It also gave me time to consider a personal question. What happens when Politics and Conventions combine?

For the past 2 years I have been hyping for Worldcon through my podcast because I believed this was a way for the convention scene in Ireland to make a legitimate name for itself as pop cultural hub. I spent a good while thinking about meeting the likes of Mur Lafferty and winners of the Hugo awards in my head. cov-centre-475x440

Unfortunately due to constantly changing times of the current climate . Conventions have been becoming more and more political . Attacks on youtubers at Gencon this year marked a sign of the times . World Con themselves have also become more political as American tensions have put pressure on committees to include more Progressive policies. shamrokongroup-638x477

This is where the dilemma comes in Dublin 2019 for panelists asks in when applying for press and panelists for a long list of details from sexual orientation , gender etc which I was quite skeptical about. And recently they have announced a code of conduct which includes rules against using terms like sjws , against microaggressions which confused me and annoyed me on a personal level.

But after speaking with people on both sides of the political spectrum I came at a crossroads. Should I promote or condone this level of rules enforcement in the Irish community?

The answer I came to was let my fans make their own choice by allowing them to decide by showing the pros and cons of this event and maybe offer some alternatives and some advice for the committee of Ireland 2018


This will bring in much needed convention tourism for Ireland as people from all over the world .

Allows us to set a precedent as the first time Ireland will host a event of this size and history.

More events in this country the better as the conventions in Ireland have closed down over the years

Will make up for the disgraceful performance of Gamercon aka Scamcon

Guests for Ireland 2019 will include Bill and Mary Burns founders of eFanzines.com

Diane Duane –  writer The Door Into Fire , Games Wizards Play and countless Star trek novels

Steve Jackson – game creator


Price Gauge – Ticket prices go from 110- 120 euro a ticket for this event as a membership system on top of dublin Hotel prices will possibly drain your account and prevent you from attending other conventions in Ireland and Europe for a while

Selection of Guests – Anime and pop culture has always has been a part of the Science Fiction Scene even from the early days showing bootleg copies of Astroboy but there doesn’t seem to be many guests that would interest us anime fans . From Legend of the Galactic Hero to Darling in the Franxx anime and its fandom has shown we love sci fi as much as any old school fan of the genre.

Rules – Irish Culture and Geek Culture is a unusual beast . The typical saying is our closest friends we insult and most hated enemies we compliment which would break most of the rules at this event.

The standing rule about not using the term SJW is kind of a odd thing . Irish conventions usually involve the pub where we gather around  afterwards debate everything from movies , anime , and politics.

History of the Con- The convention has various dealings with voter blocks of Conservative writers nominating silly titles into their awards. Bringing that kind of bitterness into the country can spell a dangerous situation especially when so many hate groups are located just in the UK that amount of publicity will put Ireland in their crosshairs.

So it’s up to you my audience if this convention is up your alley then go for it .

Alternatively there is Jcon, Dublin Comic Con , Tokonatsu over in the uk,

My advice to the Worldcon committee and other cons is introducing a over intrusive liberal policies would create a greater force against it . But by having standard agreement of rules in place ie , No bullying that conventions have been applying for years would prevent less resistance as everyone knows we need these rules in place.

The convention world is wide and vast so it’s up to the people what makes a good convention for them.

ireland 2019