Bunnygirl in your Dreams or Seishun Buta Yarō

maxresdefaultSuzukata lifes takes a turn when he comes across a girl in his school dressed in a bunny outfit. Turns out she is a famous actress who isn’t being noticed by anyone but him .  Calling this phenomenon “Adolescence Syndrome he decided to help solve the problem . A recent show made by Cloverworks formerly known as A-1 pictures takes a different approach to the most common problem. Mental Health Each character deals with their mental health problems in a supernatural sense through these Adolescent Syndrome.

There is no fighting , or supernatural battles . But by working our their problems in a realistic way .

Suzukuta himself has dealt with this problem before personally within the family and himself . So takes a level headed approach in dealing with each problem . But these characters aren’t they are flawed and carry their own share of scars whether dealing with the guilt , the fear or responsibility that most wouldn’t understand . This is biggest thing that separates this show from others . We all know that Mental health is huge issue in today’s world. Sometimes harsh times can make it a lot heavier than others . Sorting out your life can sometimes be harder to some people than others .

Artwork is smooth and concise keeping up to the high standard of A-1 pictures

If you are a sucker for Romance and supernatural feel to it I would definitely recommend this show for you