Kiss Kiss Fall in Love – Ouran Highschool Host Club

A 2006 anime based on the 2002 manga of the same name created by the Author Bisco Hatori. Centres around Haruhi Fujioka a new transfer student in Ouran Private Academy she accidentally breaks a ancient vase worth over 50 million yen when shocked by the the school’s host club members . Forced to become a errand girl and eventual host when discovered that she is actually female .


The series was one of the few series that got people into anime during that time . Playing on the tropes of the Fujushi tastes .It struck a chord with both men and women alike and was most people’s first dive into shojo genre outside of Sailor Moon for a lot of fans . But what may have started as Satire in retrospective the show created characters truly unique as the cast themselves all have defining moments which has sparked many shipping wars within the female anime community.


Haruhi the main character is breath of fresh air for many people as she gives no shit on her appearance or how she is perceived by people. Before the events of the series her mother passed away leaving her and her father to fend for themselves. Her Father is revealed to be a Okama ( in general term for homosexuality) but in this case a drag performer. Which gives context to Haruhi having a strong sense of identity.


The leader is Tamaki voiced by Award Winning Vic Mignogna who is mostly a comedic foil to the rest of the characters. He is constant flirt – Half Japanese Half French main host who slowly grows to love Haruhi as a woman .

Every character has flaws and a dark side which bring strength to the humor and the show


The Wallflower

Based on the manga of the same name has made a major influence not just in the world of manga and anime but also in fashion . In 2008 it inspired the Wallflower fashion line by Julie Haus. The story revolves around Sunako who after being rejected by a boy she fancied because of her looks , 2 years before the story began. She makes herself reclusive and starts to grow resentful and fearful of anything or anyone that beautiful. When her father moves away forcing her to move into her over the top beautiful aunt’s mansion. The occupants of mansion are these over the top gorgeous looking guys who are stalked and chased after by every other single women no matter what their age is which makes it really creepy. The aunt tells the boys if they can turn Sunako into a proper lady they would be rent free in the mansion but if they fail their rent is



On the surface the story is very cardboard thin but the real enjoyment out of the series comes from the humor of the show . The director of this series is known other than Nabeshin or Shinichi Watanabe. Who previously directed Excel Saga and Puny Peomi. Yes it is a strange pick for this director who mostly sticks with seinen comedies. But strangely it works as a major plus for the show. Sunako herself is a great character constantly drawn to macabre, bizarre and gory but just like everyone else feels insecure about their appearance . Whether it’s our looks , muscles or how we appear to others perceive

it’s very easy to relate to the main character.


Sadly the only downside of the series is the romance. The main romance between our main character and one of the handsome men living in the mansion feels a bit flimsy. He doesn’t spend more time with her than more of the cast and he doesn’t even open that much by the very end of the show.

Is it good ? Ya I found it light and a good funny watch and a nice first watch for all people who want to attempt watching shojo