Trouble Chocolate Review

In Anime we have many different types of Harems but while most of them have some redeeming things whether comedy, entertaining fan service, or even action in some cases. Some can be just irritating. Sadly this is one of those Harems.

Trouble Chcoclate

Worst anime animation in awhile

Story :Cacao woke up to find a girl sleeping next to him. Unable to remember what had happened on his own and didn’t get enough needed answers from Hinano, he went to school to ask his friends what had happened. He finally got the explanation of events from Prof. Ghana in term Cacao joined his wizardry class. Turns out he hate a 200-year-old magical bar of Chocolate and gave life to a Marionette.

trouble chcoclate backdrop

While a lot of this show tries to parody other shows in the same genre the humour really falls flat over the show . The animation and artwork used in the show is barely scrapping industry standard . One of the Worst Harem Shows I have ever seen . What ever you don’t watch this its just really crappy. It’s not offensive its just bland over used troupes over and over again.