Way of the Yakuza – Back Street Girls Gokudolls

When three yakuza fail their boss way too many times they are offered a choice. Commit honorable Suicide or go to Thailand and get Gender Reassignment surgery to become the latest idol group to hit Japan. They become a overnight success unfortunately some habit are hard to beat because deep down they are still yakuza and men. back_street_girls_01_02

Taking Crime life and comparing it to the idol lifestyle was something I never really thought before until this show premiere.


But after the first episode of over the top humor and reactions made me question how come i never thought of this similar. Between the gruelling training and restrictions put on most women who pursue this career it’s so easy to see how much similar the crime lifestyle.

Animation is similar to Cromartie High School parodying the old shonen style animation of the 70s and 80s.

If you like Politically Incorrect over the top humor this is meant for you.

If you like Cromartie High , AK0048, Love live anime then give it a shot on Netflix soon.



Mini Review-Attack of the Super Monsters.

Turns out dinosaurs have been living in the center of the earth for millions of years. When the leader of the dinosaurs the Evil Tyrannous declares war on the surface world. A team is crated to battle these ferocious creatures. The Team is called the Gemini Force. Ok tell me if this sounds like a a really bad toy commercial. Well back int he early 80s a vhs company purchased the rights for a poorly made Saturday Morning Cartoon from Japan and decided to put their own spin on the franchise. What was the result? A Dinosaur sized fail and great comedy. As the show progresses . The dub company decided to insert their dialogue including rabid dogs looking like their ex wife to Cam Clark ( famous for TMNT and Akira) voicing a talking T. Rex dinosaur.


To put things of the mixture of bad animation, puppet work and rubber dinosaur suits fighting thunderbird jets doesn’t even make much sense.

Attack of the Super Monsters


But with all these mistakes it creates a great comedy as you enjoy the cringiest thing ever created.

Gakkou Gurashi! School Alive Club

Yuki is a positive upbeat and extremely dense girl who joins a club devoted to living within their school . Her friends however struggle to stay alive as the world has become infested with a large scale zombie outbreak.


Enter a caption

Released in the summer of 2015 had one of the most original concepts of the year . Sadly as the series went on the only survival I worried about was my own interest.



The main character Yuki is so deep into her own psychosis as her delusion that the zombie outbreak never occurred.

Even the supporting cast has a great deal of   character development . But its main problem is the pacing as it jumps from suspense and dealing in trauma to the dog needs a bath and a swimming episode half way through out the series.

At the exact point of that swimming pool episode is when my hope and tension for the show and its characters went out the window

Other aspects of the show are animation and character are a little typical of most slice of life shows which was disappointing. For such a brilliant premise why fall short on animation and character design especially in dealing with a character driven show such as this .

Sadly I cant really recommend this show because its pacing destroyed so much potential a show like this had

Cult Fiction: Player 2 Rowdy Rowdy Randy – Review

It has been 2 years since we got introduced to Municipal City and the characters of Rowdy Randy , Lockheart, and Anna. Written by Irish writers James and Brendan Dwyer. This book takes a slightly different turn taking place years before Lockheart and the E-Virus come to the city. As this story comes from the self titled most awesome player Randy a troll of a player Rowdy Rowdy Randy and how he makes his way through the city from rookie to a walking powerhouse that he is today.

What makes this version so much different from its previous novel is its perspective. Taking place before the main novel in the first part the second part taking place during the main novel and the final part being the actual sequel to Cult Fiction.

Rowdy who only comes off as an asshole in the first novel . But in this novel he develops his character through his backstory and his actions as what can only be explained is a “True Hero” a player with a shattered ego only playing the role of loud mouth only because it’s the only thing he can do well . Through betrayal and development he becomes redeems all of actions and choices  he’s made in the past .

While the first novel drew major inspiration from works like Neuromancer and Ready Player One . This novel takes a very classic Hero Journey approach for Randy.

From the development of the city to new refrences to the media of the 80s,90s and 00s to comedic scenes between Randy and his female team mates . This book has definately surpassed the first novel.

But what the novel does more than tell a good story is almost give a perfect commentary on a lot of people today we see a disconnect with players and death in the game which for the most part we really don’t see alot of.

Should you read Cult Fiction : Rowdy Rowdy Randy. Absoutely 5/5 E-Viruses13612307_948254938620448_7851435590130236020_n

Order UP! Big Order Review

10 years ago a apocalyptic event happens when a mysterious being asks a young Eiji what’s his greatest wish was. This results to a wasteland of a earth . The survivors angry about all the lives that been lost or people known as Orders people that can use supernatural abilities due to their wishes being granted .

Eiji who is now in High School looking after his sick sister . He doesn’t remember what he wished for but only his wish caused the Great Destruction.  With people that want Eiji dead or to use them what is Eiji going to do with the world’s fate causing him guilt.

This shonnen was released in the Spring 2016 from the same creator of Future Diary is about over the top as you can get. With supernatural abilities that rival JoJo Bizarre adventure and has the same flare for drama and Suspense as its precursor.


The strongest aspect of this series is the characters , each of them have an over the top power and back story that may not even connect to the main character or the events leading to beginning of the story which is a breath of fresh air you don’t see so often . Sometimes people forget that even minor characters have their own lives.

The negatives of this story is it plays a little too much on the twists which makes this show difficult to talk about. There is a little too many twists which removes the impact when they occur.

Is this show worth watching yes . But its shonnen flaws stop it from being a masterpiece. It had great potential and it’s a great watch but it will soon be forgotten within the next year .


umineko witch

I challenge you to a Game – When the Seagulls cry (Umineko)

When does a series bring you to a point where you start to question the concept of perception? Umineko is mystery horror series made by Studio based on the popular game series created by Ryukishi07 . If you think those names rings a bells yes this is same crowd that made the Higurashi series and game to people.

This story takes place in 1986 where the Ushiromiya family gather together where the head of the family Kizno who is on his deathbed wants to discuss who will be the rightful heir of the family and who will take the inheritance . When a storm hits the island and people start dying . The main character Battler who is the grandson of the heir is challenged to solve the riddle of the island while trying to prove that all these murders are caused by a human and not by a witch.



Going through numerous possibilities and scenarios this series will keep your mind sharp taking on different theories and philosophical concepts from Raven’s paradox to Schrödinger’s cat. In what appears to be a giant game of Cat and Mouse between the the witch Beatrice and Battler on whether magic can actually exist itself.

umineko witch


It was a fantastic series that unlike some other series based on game franchises keeps the spirit of the game. Using a mixture of mystery and gore horror to create a suspense which I haven’t seen in anime in quiet awhile.

Positives include a great story with a unique story and plenty of gore to capture any Corpse party fans.

Negatives is it watches like a game which anyone who isn’t coming from this background of playing Phoenix Wright to Daganropna will find it a little difficult to follow the storylines



Michiko & Hatchin- Anime Review


Michiko and Hatchin is a 2013 anime directed by Sayo Yamamoto who has previously directed Lupin the Third: the Woman Fujiko Mine and produced by Shinchiro Watanabe most famous for Cowboy Bebop.


Set in the fictitious country of Diamandra, the criminal master mind  Michiko has escaped from prison to rescue her apparent daughter Hana (who she nicknamed Hatchin) in the process saving her from her foster family’s physical and mental abuse. Michiko is rude, in your face and all about surviving by her street knowledge. Hana on the other had is very mature and wants to live by doing the right thing. Even though they are nothing alike they set on a trip across the country to find Hana real father who Michiko hasn’t seen since before she was sent to prison.


What is at first a very simple story turns out to be a deep and character depth filled series . The environment captures the country of Brazil perfectly from the landscape and cityscape to the inner conflict between the upper class people of  Portuguese and the working class of African decent.

Another great thing about the show is the music capturing the true beauty of the Brazilian culture which was composed by the The 2+’s a Brazilian band from Rio.

Both voice casting choices for Japanese and English Dub were perfect choices for the parts  Hatchin was voiced by Suzuka Ohgo whose most noticeable role was from Memoirs of a Geisha and Michiko being voiced by Yoko Maki who is also famous in her own right staring in Battle Royale 2 and The Grudge. The Funimation dub choices were Monica Rial as Mitchiko and Hana as Jad Saxton.

If you are going to show an anime to people as an introduction . This wouldn’t be my pick because this goes beyond any anime I have seen to date. Sheer perfection

Geek Eire:Gascon 2015 Dawn of the Carrie

This week we talk about Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice , Naruto Spinoff movie , Free Comic Book Day event held in Tallaght for the simon community and as a special treat a interview with Carrie Keranen voice actor for such big shows such as Kill la kill , Gokusen , YugiOh and Madoka

Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru Review and thoughts on Season 2

The story follows two loners, the self alienated  Hachiman Hikigaya who doesn’t like being involved with people due to various childhood humiliations and beautiful Yukino Yukinoshita who has become alienated from most of her peers due to her high standing ans grades , who despite their varying personalities and ideals, offer help and advice to others as part of their school’s Service Club, assisted by the cheerful and friendly Yui Yuigahama. When I first heard of this show it felt as a run of the mill among the lines of Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai dealing with a similar theme about making friends harem . but after two episodes of season 1 proved me wrong as this series dealt with a lot of issues that even after highschool you deal with.


Our main character Hachimann feels he is insignificant to everyone around him . So in response to this he builds up a cold front acting like he doesn’t need anybody but as we get to learn about his past he has been hurt by many in his youth and its only due to the direct actions of his teacher and forcing him to join the club we learns a way to get a long with people but to develop relationships.

But is this show a harem? The short answer is a yes but only on a subtle scale as the girls he does interact with . Develops bonds with him and shows some romantic interest in him . This is only briefly brought up at points because 1 its anime they never go out of their way to announce their feelings with one and another and 2 the characters themselves whether the popular group or the misfits of the club all feel insecure about themselves . Most people can relate to this as we at some

point in our lives can feel worthless like we don’t deserve happiness


Hachiman himself figures out solutions to other people’s problems but while they may hurt others they hurt himself by making himself the villain in these emotional situations of every day high school life. We have all done this before . Putting ourselves in harm’s way just so no one else gets hurt . Whether it is taking the blame for problems other people did or lying to ourselves that we are happy with a friend who puts us in a situation that hurts you.

Now with season we deal more with helping people with romance but trying to find the right balance without changing the group dynamic which always happens . People need change but in our past and youth we are afraid of it . Change is one of the scariest things we deal with .

The animation is handled by Brain’s Base who worked on Blood Lad and Madhouse who have made countless hits, making the show crisp and clean with a slight realistic flair to a not so regular slice of life shows dealing with problems in school or life is never as easy as you think. The only problem with the show is music and background tracks are quite generic and bland and don’t add much to the shows depth


8/10 Great show and animation but bland music


The Shambling Guide to New Orleans by Mur Lafferty

One of the greatest things about running this podcast is interacting and coming across some of the best creative writers and helping them by reviewing their work on our podcast and website.

Introducing Mur Lafferty’s second book in the Shambling Guide series focuses on Zoe Morris who with her writing team travel down to New Orleans to write her next guidebook for supernatural tourists . But just like before it doesn’t take too long before she gets mixed up in train robberies involving ghosts , renegade vampires and the occasionally being possessed. things never work the way Zoe wants it to.

One of the greatest things about Mur Lafferty works is her ability to make the characters relatable to her readers. This work is no exception from Zoe Morris who started off as a normal human in book who only to find she is one of the remaining few city talkers a supernatural human with the ability to communicate with a entire city. 

Is the book worth getting? short answer is a yes in world now dominated by Sookie Stackhouse knockoffs and poorly made attempts to create Twilight what Mur makes is fun and engaging world where not just the human world we need to survive in the work place but supernatural as well.

Her book as well as her other work can be purchased through her website at http://www.murverse.com .