Way of the Yakuza – Back Street Girls Gokudolls

When three yakuza fail their boss way too many times they are offered a choice. Commit honorable Suicide or go to Thailand and get Gender Reassignment surgery to become the latest idol group to hit Japan. They become a overnight success unfortunately some habit are hard to beat because deep down they are still yakuza and men. back_street_girls_01_02

Taking Crime life and comparing it to the idol lifestyle was something I never really thought before until this show premiere.


But after the first episode of over the top humor and reactions made me question how come i never thought of this similar. Between the gruelling training and restrictions put on most women who pursue this career it’s so easy to see how much similar the crime lifestyle.

Animation is similar to Cromartie High School parodying the old shonen style animation of the 70s and 80s.

If you like Politically Incorrect over the top humor this is meant for you.

If you like Cromartie High , AK0048, Love live anime then give it a shot on Netflix soon.



Are you Triggered? – Space Patrol Luluco

Luluco is a average normal thirteen-year-old girl who lives in the solar system frontier space colonization zone Ogikubo. All she wants to do is live a normal average high school life with her friends and family. But one day her father who works in the Alien Immigration force gets accidentally frozen and she is roped into helping enforce the law and justice within her school.maxresdefault

The reason why I keep repeating normal and average in this review is because she always repeats that she isn’t special she is normal. But this series is anything but your every day anime series.


Using very over the top characters and jaw dropping animation are some of the things that makes this show worth watching. Made by Studio Trigger this show plays omage to all the great works that this new studio has made before . From Inferno Cop to Magical Girl Academia. This show has everything to keep you entertained with references to whole episodes dedicated showing how much love and support that the makers of the their shows had for them .


With shows like Sword Art Online and Dragonball Super now a days following a very specific formulae in order to get their audience.


This show does nothing like it . It’s bombastic energy that en scopes the raw feeling we get as fans. When we watch a great show for the first time. Or go on a dance floor at a convention dancing to some of our favorite openings.

Fans of Kill la Kill, Inferno Cop and Kiznaizer will really enjoy this show you will be Triggered ?


Gakkou Gurashi! School Alive Club

Yuki is a positive upbeat and extremely dense girl who joins a club devoted to living within their school . Her friends however struggle to stay alive as the world has become infested with a large scale zombie outbreak.


Enter a caption

Released in the summer of 2015 had one of the most original concepts of the year . Sadly as the series went on the only survival I worried about was my own interest.



The main character Yuki is so deep into her own psychosis as her delusion that the zombie outbreak never occurred.

Even the supporting cast has a great deal of   character development . But its main problem is the pacing as it jumps from suspense and dealing in trauma to the dog needs a bath and a swimming episode half way through out the series.

At the exact point of that swimming pool episode is when my hope and tension for the show and its characters went out the window

Other aspects of the show are animation and character are a little typical of most slice of life shows which was disappointing. For such a brilliant premise why fall short on animation and character design especially in dealing with a character driven show such as this .

Sadly I cant really recommend this show because its pacing destroyed so much potential a show like this had

Cult Fiction: Player 2 Rowdy Rowdy Randy – Review

It has been 2 years since we got introduced to Municipal City and the characters of Rowdy Randy , Lockheart, and Anna. Written by Irish writers James and Brendan Dwyer. This book takes a slightly different turn taking place years before Lockheart and the E-Virus come to the city. As this story comes from the self titled most awesome player Randy a troll of a player Rowdy Rowdy Randy and how he makes his way through the city from rookie to a walking powerhouse that he is today.

What makes this version so much different from its previous novel is its perspective. Taking place before the main novel in the first part the second part taking place during the main novel and the final part being the actual sequel to Cult Fiction.

Rowdy who only comes off as an asshole in the first novel . But in this novel he develops his character through his backstory and his actions as what can only be explained is a “True Hero” a player with a shattered ego only playing the role of loud mouth only because it’s the only thing he can do well . Through betrayal and development he becomes redeems all of actions and choices  he’s made in the past .

While the first novel drew major inspiration from works like Neuromancer and Ready Player One . This novel takes a very classic Hero Journey approach for Randy.

From the development of the city to new refrences to the media of the 80s,90s and 00s to comedic scenes between Randy and his female team mates . This book has definately surpassed the first novel.

But what the novel does more than tell a good story is almost give a perfect commentary on a lot of people today we see a disconnect with players and death in the game which for the most part we really don’t see alot of.

Should you read Cult Fiction : Rowdy Rowdy Randy. Absoutely 5/5 E-Viruses13612307_948254938620448_7851435590130236020_n

Michiko & Hatchin- Anime Review


Michiko and Hatchin is a 2013 anime directed by Sayo Yamamoto who has previously directed Lupin the Third: the Woman Fujiko Mine and produced by Shinchiro Watanabe most famous for Cowboy Bebop.


Set in the fictitious country of Diamandra, the criminal master mind  Michiko has escaped from prison to rescue her apparent daughter Hana (who she nicknamed Hatchin) in the process saving her from her foster family’s physical and mental abuse. Michiko is rude, in your face and all about surviving by her street knowledge. Hana on the other had is very mature and wants to live by doing the right thing. Even though they are nothing alike they set on a trip across the country to find Hana real father who Michiko hasn’t seen since before she was sent to prison.


What is at first a very simple story turns out to be a deep and character depth filled series . The environment captures the country of Brazil perfectly from the landscape and cityscape to the inner conflict between the upper class people of  Portuguese and the working class of African decent.

Another great thing about the show is the music capturing the true beauty of the Brazilian culture which was composed by the The 2+’s a Brazilian band from Rio.

Both voice casting choices for Japanese and English Dub were perfect choices for the parts  Hatchin was voiced by Suzuka Ohgo whose most noticeable role was from Memoirs of a Geisha and Michiko being voiced by Yoko Maki who is also famous in her own right staring in Battle Royale 2 and The Grudge. The Funimation dub choices were Monica Rial as Mitchiko and Hana as Jad Saxton.

If you are going to show an anime to people as an introduction . This wouldn’t be my pick because this goes beyond any anime I have seen to date. Sheer perfection


New Podcast Geek Eire : Spock/Date A Live and Youtube Creators Day

New episode is up as we talk about Leonard Nimoy passing We wish his family and loved ones the very best.

In other news since Kazuma is back from his holidays we talk about youtube creators day held in Dublin.

Our Review for this is episode is date a live and Cho Megami Shinko Nowaru Geki-San Burakkuhato video game

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Medaka Box Review

Medaka is a popular and overly charismatic girl who become elected as president at her school with 98% of the votes on her side. Her first act is to create a suggestion box to help her school and her students . She forcefully includes her average friend Zenkichi Hitoyoshi who is more than reluctant to help her but is roped into the position of General Affairs (take in suggestions and water flowers) . Slowly at first she convinces the other 2 per cent to be her on her side .


Now it seems a little stereotypical at first gets more complex and action packed as we enter the Flask plan arc . You see there is 3 types of students at this school. Normals – typical normal students, Specials – People that excel in a specific ability


or subject and Ab-normals-abilities so magnificent they border super human. The Task plan is experiment on the rest of the students making them all ab-normals.

This show has blown me back with the style of story telling and twists and turns develop this show into one of my new favorite shonnen shows because it’s not just about team work but to truly keep the peace between friend and enemy. even the character Medaka is not as simple as your typical main character. Because she excels in everything she is isolated with most of her fellow students , even her masters have retire because she beats them at everything. She wants to make friends most people either consider her a rival or an unholy demon .

One of the jokes mentioned in the show is if anything almost extraordinary happens its most likely her . But this joke takes on a new form when part of a school blows up and no one is even worried if she’s alright.

Her greatest ability is also her greatest curse. Even helping so many people with their problems its hard for her to maintain relationships because she isn’t near anyone level.


Her friend Zenkichi Hitoyoshi is a normal no special abilities but has the sheer determination to stay by her side. So even being a regular guy he takes on any task helping her. While he starts as the straight guy in her comedic foil . He turns into the protector for her emotional burden and always making sure she never sheds a single tear.

this show is absolutely fantastic and an absolute addictive watch

Episode count 23 plus 1 side story


Maria Holic – Dude looks like a lady Review

As of tradition of every Valentines day since we started we pick the best anti Valentine’s Day show for people out there . Because there is enough stuff pandering to every couple from anime to films and specials all dedicated to celebrating the fact they found some significant other.

chick is a dude

Well this year we have chosen Maria Holic.

Maria Holic is a Story of Kanako who after her parents died in a car crash changes schools to find the love of her life . O does it sound very innocent and romantic gesture. Well we forgot to tell you that she hates men , a dirty minded lesbian and her room mate is sadistic cross dude who just so happens to be one of the most popular students in the school .


What makes this show one of the most bizarre comedies I have seen in awhile but the animation and music are beyond anything for a comedy show . But you can’t expect anything less from Studio Shaft the creators of Madoka Magica and Bakamonogatari, As a comedy it does push boundaries of what can be defined as what demographics this show is aimed for . Neither specifically aimed for men or women. It’s just humorous the only character that wants fanservice is Maria who’s day dream fascinations  about her own harem are never the reality as she is constantly abused , beaten and used by most

of the girls in her school

maria holic

Would i recommend this show for anyone who wants to avoid depression and feeling low during one of the mostly over hyped holidays.

Bayonetta: Bloody Fate

It’s been a while since Gonzo have had a production and their first feature since Samurai Resurrection. In the early 2000’s they were one of the biggest companies releasing titles such as Gantz, Pumpkin Scissors, and Welcome to the NHK. although their biggest problems came from their original work not adapted from a manga . This ended up in shows which had awesome and dynamic beginning and great finales….But  in between not so much

Now for the movie Bayonetta:Bloody Fate follows the story of the XBox and PS3 game . With some minor changes to the story. Bayonetta

The story : Bayonetta is a witch who battles Angelic
enemies with no memories of her past.

Have you got that ….good because that’s 90% of the story right there.


Good points of the movie – The voice cast for the dub is absolutely perfect for their roles. I wouldn’t change a thing about each role with the likes of the heavy hitters of the voice acting world like  David Patrick Seitz who’s worked on Deadman Wonderland, Stein’s Gate and Naruto and Richard Epcar most famous for Ghost in a Shell.

Now the bad points .

Narration ; The opening starts with a huge info dump that almost put me to sleep.

Animation – As someone who played the original game Bayonetta is one of the most iconic video game heroines with a large *cough* assets. In this feature though they change around the design for a large track of land and what constitutes as a very strange torso design . And finally the proportions are the worst. Her hand are twice the size of breasts which just makes doing hand gestures

Bayonetta  Movie By -alex_261-.mp4_snapshot_00.39.56_[2014.02.22_02.27.59]

Dialogue: worst dialogue I ever had to sit through and I like bad dubs but this is horrible.The child in the movie who’s only line saying Mummy Mummy ! and There you are Mummy ! To Enzo the information broker who works closely with Bayonetta just comes off as one of the most racist characters ever . I swear all you need is get him saying Quit your Jive Words Turkey.

Would I recommend it – Meh its dumb entertaining so I would recommend it to people who are so obsessed with the Franchise they bought the Wii U otherwise I just convince people to play the game again


Trouble Chocolate Review

In Anime we have many different types of Harems but while most of them have some redeeming things whether comedy, entertaining fan service, or even action in some cases. Some can be just irritating. Sadly this is one of those Harems.

Trouble Chcoclate

Worst anime animation in awhile

Story :Cacao woke up to find a girl sleeping next to him. Unable to remember what had happened on his own and didn’t get enough needed answers from Hinano, he went to school to ask his friends what had happened. He finally got the explanation of events from Prof. Ghana in term Cacao joined his wizardry class. Turns out he hate a 200-year-old magical bar of Chocolate and gave life to a Marionette.

trouble chcoclate backdrop

While a lot of this show tries to parody other shows in the same genre the humour really falls flat over the show . The animation and artwork used in the show is barely scrapping industry standard . One of the Worst Harem Shows I have ever seen . What ever you don’t watch this its just really crappy. It’s not offensive its just bland over used troupes over and over again.