Kaizoku Con – One of the Friendliest Conventions in Ireland

Kaizoku Con is an Anime, Gaming and Sci-Fi Convention held in Cork, Ireland. The convention started in 2014 and is usually held in University of Cork College. The convention has become something special for people as many of the conventions in Ireland are no longer running . The convention has become haven for con goers of all types to enjoy and embrace all of their fandoms.

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Interactions: By far this convention has had some of the friendliest and professional staff and committee as guest or a panelist . They really do care their audience . Everything was ran smoothly and was organised perfectly maxresdefault

Guests : This year their guests were Totally Mark a Dragonball Content Creator, ProZD a former viner turned youtuber and Erica Mendez a voice actor who has been involved with Kill La Kill , Shield Hero and Konosuba. All the guests had great panels showcasing the enthusiasm of the Irish Anime Con Scene has to compare.


Panel Highlights : Man of Action Panel did a fantastic performance reading the most god awful cringe inducing fanfics for their audience.

Medieval Weapons Panel : Hosted by Cork Blademasters went full into the history of medieval weapons and weapons ethics was a great treat for any cosplayer or weapons enthusiastic .

Our panels : While we were a little disorganised this year . It was great practice in improving our material and hopefully we were able to help some of the con goers with the needs as we had 1 entertaining panel – JoJo Bizarre Adventure Fandom Panel to more Informative – Aspergers in the Convention Scene providing some help that has helped me over the years and people could learn from my own mistakes.


Over all this convention has went beyond the line of duty and made a fantastic event .

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