The Geek Division

It’s been building up for years as it appears that the Geek and anime community has been successfully divided lately with the ongoing issue known as Animegate or Vic incident. Both sides have gotten to a point where they no longer see the other side as human beings . To the point it’s really hard to report on the events . It sad to see what was once such a great community divided . Abraham Lincoln once said a divided house will not stand . This has become apparently true in the convention community. As I predicted it was going to affect conventions and the attendees as the flame wars between VA’s and youtubing commentary crowd have at arms bringing in trolls ,neonazis, and drama queens on all sides . Why ? Because Vic Story is newsworthy. Neonazis do not care for anime , gaming etc but what they care about is the division itself they want to see people fighting and they work targeting people who are isolated and people feeling isolated from the community due to this whole story will feel trapped . This is where they come into to recruit.Screenshot-02-5

As a Blogger/panelist and podcaster¬† I suggest a treaty on both sides otherwise there won’t be a community for the fans and events for these voice actors to come out. This situation will get to a point where VA’s will not feel safe either because they will feel like they will be attacked by the other side , or accused of sexual harassment . Conventions will end up increasing security more so to the point where it will stop feeling like a convention and more like police station.

So here are my suggestions for either side.

  1. Stop talking about people’s fashion sense. – Seriously this situation made me realise if weebs are making comments you usually see in a episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians then you need to step away from online for a few days to evaluate yourself
  2. Stop using terms like The Left, NPCs . – You aren’t helping your case when you are name calling . The convention scene has plenty of room for the left and right . Just because you are angry at them doesn’t mean you have name call . This applies to left as well .
  3. If something becomes a issue ie like a allegation such as this . After initial reports drop the case . While we have done 2 episodes on the case it’s become impossible for us to keep follow the situation – There has been bomb threats , boycotts , more he said , she said . It will not help either side
  4. Please keep your fans out of personal matters . Whether you like or hate the person mobilising a fan base to go against another side isn’t a sign of being innocent its a shitty thing to do.

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