My Hero Academia : 2 Heroes

When I first caught this visual extravaganza, I was fortunate enough to view it in the cinema and I must say, lads and lasses, the bigger the screen you can grab, the better! The cinematic fix of Deku, All-Might and our stellar collection of favourites will act less like a caffeine pill and more like a shot of adrenaline direct to your heart! But seeing as what many people will have to enjoy is the Blu-Ray format, what I will posit if you are interested in seeing this film is to get your crew of Heroaka fans together and geek out with the energy of it being a rave! And, I will add, bring someone who needs to feel that magic; of what it means to be a hero.

All that cheese nicely sliced, let’s put that aside for a second and get into the plot, if you happen to live under a rock, or come from regular television land, which I put in the same boat anyway. Our Young Izuku Midoriya after going through the trials for his Hero Licence and learning of exactly where his path will take him, oh yeah he gets invited to a gigantic Expo by All-Might himself, an expo which is hosted by the #1 Hero’s best lifelong friend, a savant of a scientist David Shield, whose FIIINE and brilliant daughter Melissa also happens to be attending, hell she’s the one who greets the twosome when they
arrive. The whole event comes under threat, however, when a mercenary outfit holds the entirety of the attendees hostage, but luckily enough Deku, Melissa and some fellow students of UA Academy who are at the event too for different reasons avoid capture, and so it falls to them to restore order, and save one of the titular pairs, of Two Heroes of the former generation.my_hero_academia_the_movie_key_visual

And well, I wish I could just unload all the spoilers for you here, but instead I wish to bring attention to the importance of this title, and its underlying concept. Two. Heroes. You may not think much of the idea, and some of you may even know its significance already, but I want to stress the importance of this theme, this Positive Duality, that’s throughout the film. And this is why I also said to bring someone to your featuring of the film who needs to feel that magic, because I think a lot of people take for granted the importance of this theme.
You might be somewhat of a lonely individual, or you might be popular all around, or somewhere inbetween socially, for, dear listeners, I do not know your circumstances, though I hope they’re positive. Still, for everyone, there is at least one great bond in their life. Someone who understands them, backs
them up, and goes alongside them on the path of life, sometimes knocking into them and sometimes encouragingly elbowing them in the ribs to make sure that the direction they go is a good one. This can come in the form of a friend, or family; someone whose got an investment in your welfare, and progress
through life. And when you’re conscious of that bond, each of you shines like beacons to the other,
because life is a little bit more lit up with having them there for you. What was before an uncertain,
hostile or indifferent world is then illuminated, and whatever is ahead, you can face it together.
Now if that sounds like romantic love to you, I must clarify, what that is and what I’m talking about is
pretty similar in description, but cease your gay shit for I’m the one talking here, and the Rotten Girls who
like to imply some sort of shipping between Deku and All-Might have likely already been at this whole
match-up… Well. Stop. Just stop. Get help. That’s statutory. All you shippers give me the shivers over
shit like this, and as a proud soldier in the Waifu War I must say your lifestyle, rather than your art style,
disgusts me! To quote Swan from The Warriors, I don’t like the way you live!
But that’s neither here nor there. Live and let live, like.
The film – yes, that’s what we were talking about – it has a fair shake at giving us a look at the sheer scale
this franchise will eventually have, in terms of the Quirks of the characters, and in terms of just how big
an impact it will continue to have for the medium of Anime and weebish or geeky entertainment in
general. The thing is, guys, is that I think a lot of people are going to be looking for that gratification of a
great story, more and more of the folks all across the world. And for an anime film based off of a
mainstream title, it ticks all the boxes for getting you invested. Its got fights, its got relationships, its got
commentaries upon the broader idea of friends and just what goes into being one for those people in your
life. And its got some Waifus, and Husbandos, the most important factor of all! The ending is a bit of a
stretch, but you don’t pull a muscle watching it, trust me.
Ultimately, however, what I got out of this film, is that example of someone whose trying to do their

best to say yes to life, even if they’re not given by fate the advantages or qualities of others that makes all
of those other people special or more functional in the world they live in. Hell of a thing to draw from
some animation now, but I hope those of you who can appreciate the good in this life know why I took
that impression from this story, and even figure out who I’m talking about in particular!
Its worth the watch, and the film night. So tell your friends, lord it over your enemies who are disturbed
by interests that they don’t understand, and convert your younger siblings who are open to this kind of
message! And keep your little devil smiling!

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