Way of the Yakuza – Back Street Girls Gokudolls

When three yakuza fail their boss way too many times they are offered a choice. Commit honorable Suicide or go to Thailand and get Gender Reassignment surgery to become the latest idol group to hit Japan. They become a overnight success unfortunately some habit are hard to beat because deep down they are still yakuza and men. back_street_girls_01_02

Taking Crime life and comparing it to the idol lifestyle was something I never really thought before until this show premiere.


But after the first episode of over the top humor and reactions made me question how come i never thought of this similar. Between the gruelling training and restrictions put on most women who pursue this career it’s so easy to see how much similar the crime lifestyle.

Animation is similar to Cromartie High School parodying the old shonen style animation of the 70s and 80s.

If you like Politically Incorrect over the top humor this is meant for you.

If you like Cromartie High , AK0048, Love live anime then give it a shot on Netflix soon.




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