The one lovely blog award

Thanks  Yahari Bento for The One Lovely Blog Award. I don’t usually get blog awards since I live here in Ireland so it means something


  1. Display Award.
  2. Thank the person who gave you this award (and include a link to her/his blog).
  3. Share 7 things about yourself.
  4. Sacrifice or Nominate 15 bloggers

7 (Silly) Things About myself: 

  1. I’d be a hipster anime fan if it wasnt for the fact that I try to have a broad range of tastes in what I watch.
  2. I once met Cuba Gooding jr in person in a karoke bar in NYC before
  3. My friends range from moderates, 1 formerly alt right Irish guy , a poly left wing frenchman so just like my anime tastes my friends are constantly changing my views on things
  4. When asked why I went to Japan for a holiday I just simply reply i needed a holiday and I always wanted to go to Japan
  5. I just tried Katawa Shojo recently after years of people telling to play it
  6. I got Emi first time
  7. I’m Irish-American living in Ireland


My nominations are

Crimsonblogs at Night

100 word anime blog

Matt in the Hatt

Reserve Theives

Starless Sanctuary

Andrea Ritsu

Otaku Journalist


Anime Girls NYC

Grimm Girl

Otaku Gamer Zone


anime cafe host

pinkys palace







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