SAO vs .hack//Sign Which did it better?

Sword Art Online was a massive hit . Making fans of both guys and girls . But as the genre of Main character getting stuck in a MMO gets more popular a lot of people tend to forget the original series that started it all off. Today we shall compare 2 shows to see which one did it better.



Kirito is a hikimori obsessed with games. One day he purchases the latest immersive MMO . When the users logged in a grand announcement was made they will not be able to log off as they now trapped inside the game and if you die here you will die in Real Life.


Art style

Very Modern Anime using a lot of action scenes to keep viewers excited throughout the show.



While it keeps you watching up until episode 14 in the first season afterwards it jumps the shark . I can’t say without ruining it the sudden change takes a very creepy turn involving his sister and a villain that likes sniffing hair.


Composed by the great Yuki Kajiura who has worked on countless anime, video games and films does a fantastic job of captivating its audience and because of this helped it become one of the new powerhouse shows at the time.

Character Development

Kirito was a Hikimori then he wasn’t in the game. He was recluse until he wasn’t and throughout the whole series every girl wants to jump on his bone.



Good Action Series with some comedy but without a few things that make it special it wouldn’t become that big of a hit.

Dot Hack // Signs


Set in a futuristic 2005 Tsukasa a young boy who gets trapped within the MMO called the World. He doesn’t mention a lot of his irl life and people are suspicious of a user who never logs out and has massive destructive power.


Art style

Using a lot of water coloring gives this series a surreal look that one forgets that they are in a game. They also use a lot symbolic imagery for dream sequences which really adds to the mystery of the show.



Composed by the great Yuki Kajiura once again is there anything that she can’t do giving this series a fantastic and eerie soundtrack.

Character Development

What makes this series unique is the reasons people give for why they joined the World . Whether it’s for stress relief , escapism or being able to do things they couldn’t in the real world which gives a character some real development as the story progresses . The age of the people through story also vary from adult to young child. Romances also seem slow built up but seem natural on how people connect.


Great series and while it is missing the traditional action scenes for a fantasy genre it makes up for with a great mystery and suspense on what is really behind the scenes in this MMO


8 comments on “SAO vs .hack//Sign Which did it better?

  1. A review so biased it isn’t even funny. Kirito isn’t a hikikomori (it’s “hikikomori”, not “hikimori”). He even praticed Kendo, hardly your average nerd hobby.

    2nd series is mediocre, I agree, but just because of a generic and rather uninteresting plot, not because of the hinted romance with her cousin/supposed sister. First of all, marriage between cousins is socially accepted in Japan, unlike US. It’s tipical US mentality to put labels on everything foreign, and US people are so puritans compared to the rest of the world that it’s pretty ridiculous. They don’t even realize they still suffer educational consequences from being descendants of people that basically escaped Europe because they were friggin’ extremists bigots that reviled the supposed depravity of society. So sexually repressed that is a joke.
    In fact, forbidden love between related people is a subject of the highest forms of literature from greek drama on (not comparing high literature to SAO, obviously, but debunking something as stupif just because it has controversial romance in it is beyond childish).

    The villain is obviously a sexual predator, something that does exist in real life. In fact, some real people in real life make him look pretty bland, in comparison. If you think it’s cringey and unrealistic I hope for your mental sanity you never read about Josef Fritzl.

    3rd series is fun and action-packed and Mother’s Rosario starts off bland but ends as a friggin’ mastepiece, extremely moving and emotional.

    The only serious complaint about the series I would accept is that Kirito does show clear signs of Gary Stueing. That’s absolutely undeniable.
    But I do love Gary Stu heroes. I mean, Hokuto no Ken (Fist of the North Star) is one of my favourite mangas ever.
    I don’t think there’s anything inherently wrong with perfect heroes. They are mindless fun and can be pretty badass.

    The only REAL problem with the series, tho, in my opinion, is the pacing. While other shounen series manage to have a lot of hype and badass from time to time, SAO has only a few and it’s kinda slow at times.

    .Hack, on the other hand, has a decent story with darker tones, pretty ominous at times, and has good production value, but it’s kinda dull and boring way too often. It’s too generic, by the book, and lacks epicness.

    • Just read it then(said LNs of SAO), muxh like in every other series that had an anime adaptation on it(specifically, the Toaru Index series). You could relate more to Kirito since the whole LNs on a first person point of view.(But nothing still beats that damn author of the Haruhi Series, imo.. Lol :’) Kyon’s a damn poet in that series)
      If only i could upvote you a hundred times…

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