The many VS the few – When Cosplay has fangs

Over the weekend one of the most gripping scenes has after taking place in the Cosplay community and has opened the can of worms on one of the biggest issues to hit conventions.

Recently a cosplayer known as Bella Sparkles has recently gotten a message from a troll of a congoer who stated she is fat and needs to exercise. Afterwards the berated con goer shared a meme out of the cosplayers picture stating When you eat the whole Suicide Squad on his personal and a deadpool fan page


And of course this is horrendous behavior and should never be respected. But what happened was a mixture of the greatest moments of Support and vileness as both sides of body positive and Body fitness took sides fueling each others hatred.

Word had spread that death threats were sent to the troll’s account.

And for the first time in years I have been speechless on the actions of the Convention community.

does negative actions and comments deserve the same level of vileness in return ? Or have some of us been consumed by the same mob mentality that took place during the days of the Mc Carthy Trials ?

While I will stand with the Bella Sparkles she has the right to cosplay anyone she wishes to be. I will not stand with the side sending death threats to the troll he does not need that level of fame or infamy.

We should as a community fight negatives of the world and our community not with pitch forks and fire but with contempt and kindness.


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10 comments on “The many VS the few – When Cosplay has fangs

  1. Death threats seem to be a common thing on the internet. Even news that a video game has been delayed will result in remarks threatening someone’s life. Thankfully 99.9% of the times the comments are hollow threats.

    Both sides are in the wrong here. If someone is going to be insultive they should expect a backlash. Murder is however taking things too far.

  2. I got my start writing about this kind of stuff 3 years ago. This is the first time I’ve heard of peeps involved with cosplay or conventions sending death threats to a troll. I think making fun of someone due to their body size and shape ain’t right. But the actions of some of the people who think they’re standing up for her are from right either. Mob mentality’s are dangerous, and I think I know what I’ll be writing about this week.

    Thanks for the like on one of my articles, and it was great reading this. You got yourself a new follower.

  3. Death threats are tame, these days, piss off the wrong person and they’ll put your name on the deep web on a hit list with a price to your death.

    This guy really was a low life troll, though he failed as his page only had him in a batman costume that covered 95% of his body, and the majority of other photos were of other cosplayers at cons, he can’t exactly talk about body image when he’s no clean cut/gym junkie either.

    He deleted the post he made of her eating the whole squad, he was a weak troll and justice was served.

  4. I totally support this young lady and others in our community (regardless of body type). To be honest, death threats accomplish nothing in terms of showing someone that you support them. With that said, noone deserves to be shamed for doing something they enjoy and for doing it well. In her own way I feel she handled the whole thing well by not going back at him in an aggressive way. He was totally unimportant in her life and thus hopefully she doesn’t allow his utter ignorance to phase her in any way. Keep doing your thing Sparkles – don’t let some troll with nothing good in his own life ruin it for you. Misery loves company so let that fool stand alone…

  5. The person who made the meme is a complete and total scumbag who has harassed countless people in our scene and has gone so far as to send death threats and threatened to leak nudes. He’s a disgusting individual who got kicked out of Youmacon last year. That should tell you something about how bad he is.

  6. Don’t take it to heart, the opinion of one, does not represent the majority. I think she’s very beautiful the way she is. Don’t let the opinions of small minded people influence how you want to dress or act.

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