Danganronpa Tag!

So I would like to thank Matt in a hat and NYCGirls for making stumbling upon this project. The concept of series is you a student as the ultimate lucky student. In a school called Hope’s Peak Academy . A school where the top Ultimate Student’s (most talented ) have obtain a high school graduation without even attending class. Upon reaching the school you are knocked out and most of you memory is wiped clean and awaken to discover yourself in a survival competition hosted by a evil robotic bear called Monokuma. Your job is to find the killer among your class and unrevealed the true secret of the school.


The point of the Tag is a way to share you Ultimate ability and a way for the anime blogging community to share our audiences .

My Ultimate Ability

Based on what I know about myself . I think my ultimate ability would be Adaptation.

Through my life whether its my career , or social life . I think my greatest ability is to eventually adapt to the environment. I constantly try to improve myself mentally and try to adapt myself to atmosphere.

The Game .

If there was a copy of myself in front of me it would probably be a version of myself from the past. So I don’t think it would reflect myself really well.

umineko witch


My survival rate

I would live but the major problem is through my development I probably would have a hard problem keeping myself from becoming despair itself



Anyone can compete but I nominate Pinky’s Palace 


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