Order UP! Big Order Review

10 years ago a apocalyptic event happens when a mysterious being asks a young Eiji what’s his greatest wish was. This results to a wasteland of a earth . The survivors angry about all the lives that been lost or people known as Orders people that can use supernatural abilities due to their wishes being granted .

Eiji who is now in High School looking after his sick sister . He doesn’t remember what he wished for but only his wish caused the Great Destruction.  With people that want Eiji dead or to use them what is Eiji going to do with the world’s fate causing him guilt.

This shonnen was released in the Spring 2016 from the same creator of Future Diary is about over the top as you can get. With supernatural abilities that rival JoJo Bizarre adventure and has the same flare for drama and Suspense as its precursor.


The strongest aspect of this series is the characters , each of them have an over the top power and back story that may not even connect to the main character or the events leading to beginning of the story which is a breath of fresh air you don’t see so often . Sometimes people forget that even minor characters have their own lives.

The negatives of this story is it plays a little too much on the twists which makes this show difficult to talk about. There is a little too many twists which removes the impact when they occur.

Is this show worth watching yes . But its shonnen flaws stop it from being a masterpiece. It had great potential and it’s a great watch but it will soon be forgotten within the next year .



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