umineko witch

I challenge you to a Game – When the Seagulls cry (Umineko)

When does a series bring you to a point where you start to question the concept of perception? Umineko is mystery horror series made by Studio based on the popular game series created by Ryukishi07 . If you think those names rings a bells yes this is same crowd that made the Higurashi series and game to people.

This story takes place in 1986 where the Ushiromiya family gather together where the head of the family Kizno who is on his deathbed wants to discuss who will be the rightful heir of the family and who will take the inheritance . When a storm hits the island and people start dying . The main character Battler who is the grandson of the heir is challenged to solve the riddle of the island while trying to prove that all these murders are caused by a human and not by a witch.



Going through numerous possibilities and scenarios this series will keep your mind sharp taking on different theories and philosophical concepts from Raven’s paradox to Schrödinger’s cat. In what appears to be a giant game of Cat and Mouse between the the witch Beatrice and Battler on whether magic can actually exist itself.

umineko witch


It was a fantastic series that unlike some other series based on game franchises keeps the spirit of the game. Using a mixture of mystery and gore horror to create a suspense which I haven’t seen in anime in quiet awhile.

Positives include a great story with a unique story and plenty of gore to capture any Corpse party fans.

Negatives is it watches like a game which anyone who isn’t coming from this background of playing Phoenix Wright to Daganropna will find it a little difficult to follow the storylines




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