Michiko & Hatchin- Anime Review


Michiko and Hatchin is a 2013 anime directed by Sayo Yamamoto who has previously directed Lupin the Third: the Woman Fujiko Mine and produced by Shinchiro Watanabe most famous for Cowboy Bebop.


Set in the fictitious country of Diamandra, the criminal master mind  Michiko has escaped from prison to rescue her apparent daughter Hana (who she nicknamed Hatchin) in the process saving her from her foster family’s physical and mental abuse. Michiko is rude, in your face and all about surviving by her street knowledge. Hana on the other had is very mature and wants to live by doing the right thing. Even though they are nothing alike they set on a trip across the country to find Hana real father who Michiko hasn’t seen since before she was sent to prison.


What is at first a very simple story turns out to be a deep and character depth filled series . The environment captures the country of Brazil perfectly from the landscape and cityscape to the inner conflict between the upper class people of  Portuguese and the working class of African decent.

Another great thing about the show is the music capturing the true beauty of the Brazilian culture which was composed by the The 2+’s a Brazilian band from Rio.

Both voice casting choices for Japanese and English Dub were perfect choices for the parts  Hatchin was voiced by Suzuka Ohgo whose most noticeable role was from Memoirs of a Geisha and Michiko being voiced by Yoko Maki who is also famous in her own right staring in Battle Royale 2 and The Grudge. The Funimation dub choices were Monica Rial as Mitchiko and Hana as Jad Saxton.

If you are going to show an anime to people as an introduction . This wouldn’t be my pick because this goes beyond any anime I have seen to date. Sheer perfection


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