The Shambling Guide to New Orleans by Mur Lafferty

One of the greatest things about running this podcast is interacting and coming across some of the best creative writers and helping them by reviewing their work on our podcast and website.

Introducing Mur Lafferty’s second book in the Shambling Guide series focuses on Zoe Morris who with her writing team travel down to New Orleans to write her next guidebook for supernatural tourists . But just like before it doesn’t take too long before she gets mixed up in train robberies involving ghosts , renegade vampires and the occasionally being possessed. things never work the way Zoe wants it to.

One of the greatest things about Mur Lafferty works is her ability to make the characters relatable to her readers. This work is no exception from Zoe Morris who started off as a normal human in book who only to find she is one of the remaining few city talkers a supernatural human with the ability to communicate with a entire city. 

Is the book worth getting? short answer is a yes in world now dominated by Sookie Stackhouse knockoffs and poorly made attempts to create Twilight what Mur makes is fun and engaging world where not just the human world we need to survive in the work place but supernatural as well.

Her book as well as her other work can be purchased through her website at .


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