Geek Eire:Gascon 2015 Dawn of the Carrie

This week we talk about Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice , Naruto Spinoff movie , Free Comic Book Day event held in Tallaght for the simon community and as a special treat a interview with Carrie Keranen voice actor for such big shows such as Kill la kill , Gokusen , YugiOh and Madoka


The Wallflower

Based on the manga of the same name has made a major influence not just in the world of manga and anime but also in fashion . In 2008 it inspired the Wallflower fashion line by Julie Haus. The story revolves around Sunako who after being rejected by a boy she fancied because of her looks , 2 years before the story began. She makes herself reclusive and starts to grow resentful and fearful of anything or anyone that beautiful. When her father moves away forcing her to move into her over the top beautiful aunt’s mansion. The occupants of mansion are these over the top gorgeous looking guys who are stalked and chased after by every other single women no matter what their age is which makes it really creepy. The aunt tells the boys if they can turn Sunako into a proper lady they would be rent free in the mansion but if they fail their rent is



On the surface the story is very cardboard thin but the real enjoyment out of the series comes from the humor of the show . The director of this series is known other than Nabeshin or Shinichi Watanabe. Who previously directed Excel Saga and Puny Peomi. Yes it is a strange pick for this director who mostly sticks with seinen comedies. But strangely it works as a major plus for the show. Sunako herself is a great character constantly drawn to macabre, bizarre and gory but just like everyone else feels insecure about their appearance . Whether it’s our looks , muscles or how we appear to others perceive

it’s very easy to relate to the main character.


Sadly the only downside of the series is the romance. The main romance between our main character and one of the handsome men living in the mansion feels a bit flimsy. He doesn’t spend more time with her than more of the cast and he doesn’t even open that much by the very end of the show.

Is it good ? Ya I found it light and a good funny watch and a nice first watch for all people who want to attempt watching shojo


Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru Review and thoughts on Season 2

The story follows two loners, the self alienated¬† Hachiman Hikigaya who doesn’t like being involved with people due to various childhood humiliations and beautiful Yukino Yukinoshita who has become alienated from most of her peers due to her high standing ans grades , who despite their varying personalities and ideals, offer help and advice to others as part of their school’s Service Club, assisted by the cheerful and friendly Yui Yuigahama. When I first heard of this show it felt as a run of the mill among the lines of Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai dealing with a similar theme about making friends harem . but after two episodes of season 1 proved me wrong as this series dealt with a lot of issues that even after highschool you deal with.


Our main character Hachimann feels he is insignificant to everyone around him . So in response to this he builds up a cold front acting like he doesn’t need anybody but as we get to learn about his past he has been hurt by many in his youth and its only due to the direct actions of his teacher and forcing him to join the club we learns a way to get a long with people but to develop relationships.

But is this show a harem? The short answer is a yes but only on a subtle scale as the girls he does interact with . Develops bonds with him and shows some romantic interest in him . This is only briefly brought up at points because 1 its anime they never go out of their way to announce their feelings with one and another and 2 the characters themselves whether the popular group or the misfits of the club all feel insecure about themselves . Most people can relate to this as we at some

point in our lives can feel worthless like we don’t deserve happiness


Hachiman himself figures out solutions to other people’s problems but while they may hurt others they hurt himself by making himself the villain in these emotional situations of every day high school life. We have all done this before . Putting ourselves in harm’s way just so no one else gets hurt . Whether it is taking the blame for problems other people did or lying to ourselves that we are happy with a friend who puts us in a situation that hurts you.

Now with season we deal more with helping people with romance but trying to find the right balance without changing the group dynamic which always happens . People need change but in our past and youth we are afraid of it . Change is one of the scariest things we deal with .

The animation is handled by Brain’s Base who worked on Blood Lad and Madhouse who have made countless hits, making the show crisp and clean with a slight realistic flair to a not so regular slice of life shows dealing with problems in school or life is never as easy as you think. The only problem with the show is music and background tracks are quite generic and bland and don’t add much to the shows depth


8/10 Great show and animation but bland music


The Shambling Guide to New Orleans by Mur Lafferty

One of the greatest things about running this podcast is interacting and coming across some of the best creative writers and helping them by reviewing their work on our podcast and website.

Introducing Mur Lafferty’s second book in the Shambling Guide series focuses on Zoe Morris who with her writing team travel down to New Orleans to write her next guidebook for supernatural tourists . But just like before it doesn’t take too long before she gets mixed up in train robberies involving ghosts , renegade vampires and the occasionally being possessed. things never work the way Zoe wants it to.

One of the greatest things about Mur Lafferty works is her ability to make the characters relatable to her readers. This work is no exception from Zoe Morris who started off as a normal human in book who only to find she is one of the remaining few city talkers a supernatural human with the ability to communicate with a entire city. 

Is the book worth getting? short answer is a yes in world now dominated by Sookie Stackhouse knockoffs and poorly made attempts to create Twilight what Mur makes is fun and engaging world where not just the human world we need to survive in the work place but supernatural as well.

Her book as well as her other work can be purchased through her website at .