Medaka Box Review

Medaka is a popular and overly charismatic girl who become elected as president at her school with 98% of the votes on her side. Her first act is to create a suggestion box to help her school and her students . She forcefully includes her average friend Zenkichi Hitoyoshi who is more than reluctant to help her but is roped into the position of General Affairs (take in suggestions and water flowers) . Slowly at first she convinces the other 2 per cent to be her on her side .


Now it seems a little stereotypical at first gets more complex and action packed as we enter the Flask plan arc . You see there is 3 types of students at this school. Normals – typical normal students, Specials – People that excel in a specific ability


or subject and Ab-normals-abilities so magnificent they border super human. The Task plan is experiment on the rest of the students making them all ab-normals.

This show has blown me back with the style of story telling and twists and turns develop this show into one of my new favorite shonnen shows because it’s not just about team work but to truly keep the peace between friend and enemy. even the character Medaka is not as simple as your typical main character. Because she excels in everything she is isolated with most of her fellow students , even her masters have retire because she beats them at everything. She wants to make friends most people either consider her a rival or an unholy demon .

One of the jokes mentioned in the show is if anything almost extraordinary happens its most likely her . But this joke takes on a new form when part of a school blows up and no one is even worried if she’s alright.

Her greatest ability is also her greatest curse. Even helping so many people with their problems its hard for her to maintain relationships because she isn’t near anyone level.


Her friend Zenkichi Hitoyoshi is a normal no special abilities but has the sheer determination to stay by her side. So even being a regular guy he takes on any task helping her. While he starts as the straight guy in her comedic foil . He turns into the protector for her emotional burden and always making sure she never sheds a single tear.

this show is absolutely fantastic and an absolute addictive watch

Episode count 23 plus 1 side story


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