Bayonetta: Bloody Fate

It’s been a while since Gonzo have had a production and their first feature since Samurai Resurrection. In the early 2000’s they were one of the biggest companies releasing titles such as Gantz, Pumpkin Scissors, and Welcome to the NHK. although their biggest problems came from their original work not adapted from a manga . This ended up in shows which had awesome and dynamic beginning and great finales….But  in between not so much

Now for the movie Bayonetta:Bloody Fate follows the story of the XBox and PS3 game . With some minor changes to the story. Bayonetta

The story : Bayonetta is a witch who battles Angelic
enemies with no memories of her past.

Have you got that ….good because that’s 90% of the story right there.


Good points of the movie – The voice cast for the dub is absolutely perfect for their roles. I wouldn’t change a thing about each role with the likes of the heavy hitters of the voice acting world like  David Patrick Seitz who’s worked on Deadman Wonderland, Stein’s Gate and Naruto and Richard Epcar most famous for Ghost in a Shell.

Now the bad points .

Narration ; The opening starts with a huge info dump that almost put me to sleep.

Animation – As someone who played the original game Bayonetta is one of the most iconic video game heroines with a large *cough* assets. In this feature though they change around the design for a large track of land and what constitutes as a very strange torso design . And finally the proportions are the worst. Her hand are twice the size of breasts which just makes doing hand gestures

Bayonetta  Movie By -alex_261-.mp4_snapshot_00.39.56_[2014.02.22_02.27.59]

Dialogue: worst dialogue I ever had to sit through and I like bad dubs but this is horrible.The child in the movie who’s only line saying Mummy Mummy ! and There you are Mummy ! To Enzo the information broker who works closely with Bayonetta just comes off as one of the most racist characters ever . I swear all you need is get him saying Quit your Jive Words Turkey.

Would I recommend it – Meh its dumb entertaining so I would recommend it to people who are so obsessed with the Franchise they bought the Wii U otherwise I just convince people to play the game again



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