Familiar of Zero Review

Ok everybody remember Inuyasha. It was a good show with some memorable story about a girl that gets sucked into the past to help a half demon collect shards of a magical jewel.

Familiar of Zero has a very similar premise – A nobel girl who’s studying magic ( but can never summon anything past a explosion and given the title of Zero Louise accidentally transports a young Japanese boy called Seito from our world. What was originally considered the most useless thing ever. But through a early revelation shows us that he is the   Gandálfr or God’s left Hand. When in battle he can use any item as long as its a proper weapon.


What it starts as a little cookie cutter at first . Every character is very cliqued but as the story progresses it shows something most shonen stories don’t usually have. A serious amount of larger world building .

Nobles are people connected to a royal family that can use magic. These people at first have a high sense of superiority treating the non magic users which they call plebeians worse than dirt throughout the show. This is shown to contrast with to the Familiar and Summoner Contract between the 2 major characters  Seito and Louise. It the beginning of the show . she treats him like the worst piece of garbage ever from exploding him to whipping him with a horse whip. but as the relationship grows they start to care for each other.(although the beatings still are a part of the jokes).


The first part of the show focuses on how the magic world try to recover “ancient powerful items” to be used for evil purposes. But the twist in the show gives it a nice sense of grounding.

This series has 4 seasons showing the relationship between magic users and non magic users.

Would I suggest it for people- yes its enjoyable with nice animation which doesn’t go over board on comedy or action


Revolutionary Girl Uetna

One of the most complex and most over the top mellow dramatic shows in anime history even to this day people are still confused by it or call it one of the anime masterpieces of all time.

The story focuses around the main character is Utena Tenjou, a tomboyish teenage girl who was inspired by a kind prince in her childhood that she decided to become a prince herself, expressed in her manner of dress and personality. She attends Ohtori Academy, where she meets a student named Anthy Himemiya, a girl who is in an abusive relationship with another student.Wanting to stand up for the girl she fights to protect Anthy and is pulled into a series of complex sword duels with the members of the Student Council. Anthy is often referred to the Rose Bride and is given to the winner of each duel and after beating the abusive boyfriend of Anthy becomes the owner of the rose Bride and is constantly challenged by people so they can have the power to Revolutionize the world.

That the basics of the show but underneath that is 16 layers of different types of symbolism that gets crammed into this series. Which is the double blade of the series . There is so much symbolism in this show it clouds any general concept of the series . For example The student council has a quote whenever they meet The world is chick inside its shell . If they cannot break free of its shell it will die without being born.” now this is repeated at least 36 times over the course of the series. As well as random symbolism being thrown into the background like balloons going by while they talk. Its starts to lose value of what it meant the first time it was said


Now for animation its great for its time of animation borrowing on a lot of elements from the rose of versailles which has now become a typical shojo trope of bordering scenes with Flowers to convince its demographics it’s for girls. The battles are so melodramatic with operatic music it sucks its viewers into a world where even if you don’t die . Losing is worse than death .


Now the show on its own brings up a lot of serious issues in dealing with relationships ,rape, romance , gender roles , and friendship that to its credit not many other shows have given us in such a serious manner.


Sadly the biggest drawback I think this show had been Anthy the Rose Bride. She is quite possibly without any sympathy or relatable. She is the Blank Slate character . as she reflects the emotions , goals and ideal person who wins the games which in the beginning you think is due to her abusive relationships making her submissive nope it’s just because she vapid of any personality at all. this is brought up more so in the Movie where she will sleep with anyone who wins the game .

After the 5 battle I just wanted the story to completely drop her and deal with Uetna who has a pretty strong independent character. She’s friendly and just wants to do the right thing due to wanting to be with the prince who inspired her a long time ago.

Will I recommend it . yes despite its flaws it still stands to be one of the few genuine classic shows out there that despite gender,sex it’s still enjoyable and deep show.

Utena 6-620x

Bayonetta: Bloody Fate

It’s been a while since Gonzo have had a production and their first feature since Samurai Resurrection. In the early 2000’s they were one of the biggest companies releasing titles such as Gantz, Pumpkin Scissors, and Welcome to the NHK. although their biggest problems came from their original work not adapted from a manga . This ended up in shows which had awesome and dynamic beginning and great finales….But  in between not so much

Now for the movie Bayonetta:Bloody Fate follows the story of the XBox and PS3 game . With some minor changes to the story. Bayonetta

The story : Bayonetta is a witch who battles Angelic
enemies with no memories of her past.

Have you got that ….good because that’s 90% of the story right there.


Good points of the movie – The voice cast for the dub is absolutely perfect for their roles. I wouldn’t change a thing about each role with the likes of the heavy hitters of the voice acting world like  David Patrick Seitz who’s worked on Deadman Wonderland, Stein’s Gate and Naruto and Richard Epcar most famous for Ghost in a Shell.

Now the bad points .

Narration ; The opening starts with a huge info dump that almost put me to sleep.

Animation – As someone who played the original game Bayonetta is one of the most iconic video game heroines with a large *cough* assets. In this feature though they change around the design for a large track of land and what constitutes as a very strange torso design . And finally the proportions are the worst. Her hand are twice the size of breasts which just makes doing hand gestures

Bayonetta  Movie By -alex_261-.mp4_snapshot_00.39.56_[2014.02.22_02.27.59]

Dialogue: worst dialogue I ever had to sit through and I like bad dubs but this is horrible.The child in the movie who’s only line saying Mummy Mummy ! and There you are Mummy ! To Enzo the information broker who works closely with Bayonetta just comes off as one of the most racist characters ever . I swear all you need is get him saying Quit your Jive Words Turkey.

Would I recommend it – Meh its dumb entertaining so I would recommend it to people who are so obsessed with the Franchise they bought the Wii U otherwise I just convince people to play the game again


Trouble Chocolate Review

In Anime we have many different types of Harems but while most of them have some redeeming things whether comedy, entertaining fan service, or even action in some cases. Some can be just irritating. Sadly this is one of those Harems.

Trouble Chcoclate

Worst anime animation in awhile

Story :Cacao woke up to find a girl sleeping next to him. Unable to remember what had happened on his own and didn’t get enough needed answers from Hinano, he went to school to ask his friends what had happened. He finally got the explanation of events from Prof. Ghana in term Cacao joined his wizardry class. Turns out he hate a 200-year-old magical bar of Chocolate and gave life to a Marionette.

trouble chcoclate backdrop

While a lot of this show tries to parody other shows in the same genre the humour really falls flat over the show . The animation and artwork used in the show is barely scrapping industry standard . One of the Worst Harem Shows I have ever seen . What ever you don’t watch this its just really crappy. It’s not offensive its just bland over used troupes over and over again.