The Game Campanion

Thirty-something Bob lives downstairs in his mom’s house, works in fast food and has one friend. His greatest accomplishment is making it to master in a fighter-style video game, permitting him a game companion, Kimiko, which turns out to be real. Kimiko is impressed with Bob as ‘great warrior’, but when she starts to discover he is not very important in his own world, her enthusiasm fades.


Review : This crowd is the new Dead Gentlemen productions. What they may lack for in budget they make up in good writing and great actors for the film. A lot of the subtle jokes that only a few die hard gamers will get just makes this film so enjoyable . My only complaint is more people should get a chance to watch this film. 20 years ago you would never think the independent film crowds like these would flourish but I have a feeling from the great and funny short film that They will be a well known convention name. No matter where they go.




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