Delinquent in Drag OAV Anime

Go Nagai creator of Mazinger Z , Violence Jack and Cutie Honey . Always surprises me whenever I find work I haven’t seen. this series where the protagonist Banji Suke who after a clerical screw up send him a wrong school uniform and has to dress as a girl to attend school . As Suke Ban is a rebellious boy who comes from a completely dysfunctional family where they constantly beat the shit out of each other constantly or goes down the perverted route creates a comedic tension.

When he attends the school the evil Principal witnesses a fight between him and a rebel gang of pantyhose girls(seriously that’s their name) sees his necklace given to him by his step mother and desires it for no apparent reason and sends every club after him to claim the necklace.

kanko deliquient in drag

The story is quite simple . But there’s something you can get from the show . Things are taken up in straight value . He wears a sailor fuku outfit -there for he is now a female . Which makes the reader in on a joke that only you and the main character were in on.

Delinquent in Drag

The animation is quite dated but still enjoyable with 80’s style music .

Is worth a watch sure but don’t think your going to get anything deep or meaning full because with a lot of his work . He wanted to address a few issues of the time but overall he just did because he thought it was fun.


trinity seven

Trinity 7 Anime Review

Kasuga Arata lived a normal life together with his childhood friend, Hijiri, in a small town. However, everything changed on the day of the Black Sun, and a magician appeared before him. The Black Sun caused the Breakdown Phenomenon which destroyed the town where he lives. Because of this, his normal life was artificially reconstructed by a grimoire that his childhood friend had left. The appearance of the magician led him to a new life in the Royal Biblia Academy and meeting the members of the Trinity Seven.

trinity seven

Later he learns the only way to rescue his childhood friend is to become friends and use the magic of the Trinity Seven the most powerful magic users in the school with his own power of Lord Demon Candidate. The offers some great comedic moments mixed in with some good magic battles . But outside the typical Harem story the elements that make it most unique is the magic .


Magic in this universal is all based on the opposite of our most negative trait . For example Kasuga most negative trait is he is a massive pervert. So he soon realizes his magic and power is based on control.

Overall the story is fun fast paced with a good sense of humour . Quite enjoyable for a Harem show in today’s current Anime season

The Game Campanion

Thirty-something Bob lives downstairs in his mom’s house, works in fast food and has one friend. His greatest accomplishment is making it to master in a fighter-style video game, permitting him a game companion, Kimiko, which turns out to be real. Kimiko is impressed with Bob as ‘great warrior’, but when she starts to discover he is not very important in his own world, her enthusiasm fades.


Review : This crowd is the new Dead Gentlemen productions. What they may lack for in budget they make up in good writing and great actors for the film. A lot of the subtle jokes that only a few die hard gamers will get just makes this film so enjoyable . My only complaint is more people should get a chance to watch this film. 20 years ago you would never think the independent film crowds like these would flourish but I have a feeling from the great and funny short film that They will be a well known convention name. No matter where they go.



Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1 Review

HyperDimension Neptunia Re:Birth1 is a remake of the PS3 Version called HyperDimension Mk1.

The story is set in a land called Gamindustri where 4 Goddesses rule over the four lands known as Lowee, Lastation, Planeptune and Leanbox. Over the years the Goddesses have been battling in a 400 year war known as the Console War ( you probably know where this is heading by now lol). During the Last war they have decided to team up and gang up on the Neptune or Lady Purple Heart as her Goddess name who rules over Planeptune. After a long fierce battle Neptune is finally outnumbered and is knocked unconscious and falls from the air from Celestia the Land where the Goddesses Battle Area.


Later on she awakens and is found by a girl known as Compa (our first company mascot player for Compile Heart) who brings her back to hear apartment to aid her wombs. As the Story progresses Neptune and Compa travel to different dungeons and lands while meeting new allies and familiar faces of the other Goddesses
but due to Neptune’s Amnesia they dont have any reason to fight her any more and instead assist her on her Journey to stop the Main Villain Arfoire who tries to take over the land by Copying the Goddess power to help her aids.


Game play:
The game play is a semi turn based style with the freedom to move around in a small area to target further back enemies in battle which gives you you freedom to aim your weapon to hit as much enemies as you can at once.
Like other JRPG’s its a Dynamic system which enemies appear on screen where you attack them to initiate battle mode, with a nice unique combo system of Power, Gaurd Break and Rush attacks with a following up Ex attacks and Ex Finishers when the Ex Gauge fills up to a certain number.
Another unique feature to this game is the Remake system on the world map where players can edit dungeons by adding options to make harder enemies appear and adding new items drop to even even adding new items, accessories, weapons to your shop menu.

Lilly Rank system is another battle feature where you can pair up characters to create assist attacks or unique Ex Skills between the two known as HyperDimension Ex skills only between the goddesses only.

The First game play might need some grinding for some bosses unless that’s what most people do in any game but it has lots of fun in it and will need to a NewGame+ or two to unlock everything in it where you can keep your levels and your previous Memory which is gathered through bosses for unlocking stuff in the remake system.

This game was alot of fun to me and was really enjoyable to play.
If your a hardcore gamer and know your JRPG Companies you will get the reference for the playable characters names. It was definitely a new gem to my collection.



Bring on the Blood – Mark Rein Hagan interview Geek Eire

In this episode we interview Mark Rein Hagan .

He is most known for his work with White Wolf gaming and his creation World of Darkness. The game itself has spanned into countless expansions, videogames and even a tv show . His work has influenced films, books and media today . So we sit down to Talk Vampire the Masquerade , kickstarter campaigns and crazy people.

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Geek Eire Belfast Film and Comic Con , Naruto , and Death Threats against Venus Angelic

This week we talk highlights of Belfast Film and Comic Convention we recently did a panel at.

Naruto Finale whether we hate or love him the franchise in hindsight.

And Youtuber Venus Angelic has been made guest at Eirtakon and some people hate her showing up at it

Along with some news we talk about.

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Anime Reccommendations of Fall 2014


Parasyte -the maxim-

Parasyte centers around a 17-year-old teen named Shinichi Izumi, who lives with his mother and father in a quiet neighborhood in Tokyo. One night, worm-like creatures called Parasites appear on Earth, taking over the brains of human hosts by entering through their ears or noses. One Parasite attempts to crawl into Shinichi’s ear while he sleeps, but fails as Shinichi is wearing headphones, and enters his body by burrowing into his arm instead. It takes over his right hand and is named Migi ,a word play in Japanese for right . Together they have a create a reluctant symbiotic relationship together as Shinichi tries teach Migi the meaning of humanity and Migi dependent on the relationship also helps Shinichi survive and fight other parasitic creatures that consume and replace the humans they take hold of

Why watch it : Gory, Violent with whats looking like great character development with some images and inspiration from Vampire Hunter D


When Supernatural Battles became Commonplace

When a bunch of students develop supernatural super powers that not break physics. You think having the ultimate good vs evil storyline that usually happens in anime ,comics , books and movies. Not this one though. They consider themselves no different with than anyone else . So what happens is a great slice of life series mixed with some over the top fights.


Orenchi no Furo Jijo

Ya its hard to explain this properly. But here it goes –  Based on the four-panel manga of the same name begins with Tatsumi, a high-school boy who lives by himself. He is straight laced as they come . Then, a devastatingly handsome merman named Wakasa moves into the bathtub in Tatsumi’s home. Wakasa is a extremely self-centered and acts like a child most of the time. The shows how they interact on a day to day basis.


I cant understand What My Husband is Saying

Another great 4-panel series centres around a office worker called Kaoru who is married to a otaku.This show is based around . What makes this show great is that there isn’t many show based on the older anime fan or older relationships which creates not only a grounding in the series but keeps the love of anime alive for the older demographic.