Belfast Film and Comic Con 2014

Belfast Film and Comic Convention (not to be mistaken for MCM Belfast) has come and gone. And we had a taste of the Big time and our first international convention after Eurocon 2014.


Our Experience

From Celebrities to cosplayers mingling with one another. The event was magical from Saturday . As the air itself was alight with excitement. It was a great environment as it felt like you were automatically accepted no matter what background you came from.


The Guests

Dealing with a wide range of Guests from Star Wars to Professional Comic Artists were friendly and most of all patient. It is amazing how so many of these people can spend an entire weekend being happy to greet their fan base . It puts a smile on anyone’s face just shows how great these people are.

Best Layout

While major trader had a presence at this convention . A few stood out the best . One of note was Replay Games . A convention veteran as traders go . I have never seen how good there professional display can be. We were amazed every form of game and anime merchandise was available . We only wished we had more money to spend.


Now for the negatives of the weekend

For all the good things lets talk about things that could of improved. Our two panels which were on the Sunday were different but due to some technical problems and lacking a projector for the weekend . Our panels were a little more chaotic than approaching panels with anime and niche conventions . But even with so we felt that we made best of a awkward  situation and the audience was entertained . But it still felt from a speakers side of things that you failed in someway and showed that your were unprofessional with your prep regardless of whether the audience enjoyed it or even if Showmasters themselves liked it . Maybe it shows that we are becoming the our own worst Critics. Overall the event for all attendees was abolsutely amazing. We will be talking about our experiences and highlights in our next episode . So stay tuned in the week


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