Kickstarter Bounty Hunter Sakura Goes live

Bounty Hunter Sakura tells the tale of a Sixteen Year Old Crime Fighter, who takes on the Criminals, Mafia and Corrupted Politicians of her home town of Everlong City. But she leads a double life. By night she is Sakura, by day she is Christina Carter. A young intelligent teenager, with a wealthy inheritance and the most recognized person in the city

Bounty Hunter Sakura

Bounty Hunter Sakura

The First story is the Origin of Bounty Hunter Sakura. It tells Christina/Sakura for the events that changed her as a child to her first mission as the Pink Hell Raiser. The Story tells of her Tragedy, Trial and Triumph and through this she would become who she was destined to be. She will become The Hunter.”

On of our resident artists Kevin Smyth is the creator of this work and it shows a amazing amount of detail and shows influences of his own interests including a little metal gear solid and Bleach. So gather around and help this amazing artist

The Comic is scheduled for a December Release, depending if the Kickstarter makes its goal

The project becomes live on October 21st .


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