Paranoia Agent Review

Tsukiko Sagi, a shy character designer who created the immensely popular pink dog Maromi, finds herself under pressure to repeat her success. As she walks home that night, she is attacked by an elementary school boy on roller blades with a baseball bat  Two police detectives, Keiichi Ikari and Mitsuhiro Maniwa, are assigned to handle the incident . They suspect that Tsukiko is lying about the attack, until they receive word of a second victim.


Numerous amount attacks build up will the two police officers be able to handle this attacker or this supernatural being.


This show created by Satoshi Kon one of the greatest anime directors to ever grace the anime world . This series while mostly episodic with a reoccurring theme dealing with the psychosis of humanity and it has a lot to offer the viewers. With twists and turns . The greatest element of this series is how the show uses story and filming elements to trick the audience into thinking about not only the story and who is Little Slugger but the characters. The Characters relate to everyone . Dealing in concepts of denial, grief, and blame . Topics we deal with in constant basis in our daily life.


Music is also a strong point in this series. Using the vocaloid music composed for the show . It builds a suspenseful feel to create such a great show


Belfast Film and Comic Con 2014

Belfast Film and Comic Convention (not to be mistaken for MCM Belfast) has come and gone. And we had a taste of the Big time and our first international convention after Eurocon 2014.


Our Experience

From Celebrities to cosplayers mingling with one another. The event was magical from Saturday . As the air itself was alight with excitement. It was a great environment as it felt like you were automatically accepted no matter what background you came from.


The Guests

Dealing with a wide range of Guests from Star Wars to Professional Comic Artists were friendly and most of all patient. It is amazing how so many of these people can spend an entire weekend being happy to greet their fan base . It puts a smile on anyone’s face just shows how great these people are.

Best Layout

While major trader had a presence at this convention . A few stood out the best . One of note was Replay Games . A convention veteran as traders go . I have never seen how good there professional display can be. We were amazed every form of game and anime merchandise was available . We only wished we had more money to spend.


Now for the negatives of the weekend

For all the good things lets talk about things that could of improved. Our two panels which were on the Sunday were different but due to some technical problems and lacking a projector for the weekend . Our panels were a little more chaotic than approaching panels with anime and niche conventions . But even with so we felt that we made best of a awkward  situation and the audience was entertained . But it still felt from a speakers side of things that you failed in someway and showed that your were unprofessional with your prep regardless of whether the audience enjoyed it or even if Showmasters themselves liked it . Maybe it shows that we are becoming the our own worst Critics. Overall the event for all attendees was abolsutely amazing. We will be talking about our experiences and highlights in our next episode . So stay tuned in the week

Geek Eire Special – Brains Boobs and Bullets a Interview with Karen Sakai

It was a absolutely a pleasure to interview this lovely Cosplayer from Washington. Ex Navy, Holds 2 Degrees and beauty . We hope to be working with her in the future.

Karen Sakai – Karen Sakai Cosplay

Deviant Art – Karen Sakai

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Invaders of the Rokujyōma!?

Kōtarō Satomi decided to live on his own when he began high school, and chose Room 106 of Corona House because it was cheap. Unfortunately, Kōtarō discovers quickly enough that numerous otherworldly and supernatural girls also want his room for various reasons of their own, and aren’t about to back down. As a result, Kōtarō and the girls find themselves forced to live together as they try to settle just who ends up with the room.



The story is very simple . One guy trying to share a small room with a whole load of different women . Sounds like a Harem but it really isn’t.

As this series progresses into delving into character arcs explaining why each girl wants the room or needs Kotaro. There is something very different about this show . None of the girls actually want him as a Romantic interest or even if they do they slowly change their mind to more of a friend role .


But what I actually enjoy the best out of this show is the story unlike alot of show and especially Harem shows this actually has a pretty good progressive plot with good humour . Every character has a story to themselves which could be its own series

There is something very sweet and innocent about this series you cant help but love.


Kickstarter Bounty Hunter Sakura Goes live

Bounty Hunter Sakura tells the tale of a Sixteen Year Old Crime Fighter, who takes on the Criminals, Mafia and Corrupted Politicians of her home town of Everlong City. But she leads a double life. By night she is Sakura, by day she is Christina Carter. A young intelligent teenager, with a wealthy inheritance and the most recognized person in the city

Bounty Hunter Sakura

Bounty Hunter Sakura

The First story is the Origin of Bounty Hunter Sakura. It tells Christina/Sakura for the events that changed her as a child to her first mission as the Pink Hell Raiser. The Story tells of her Tragedy, Trial and Triumph and through this she would become who she was destined to be. She will become The Hunter.”

On of our resident artists Kevin Smyth is the creator of this work and it shows a amazing amount of detail and shows influences of his own interests including a little metal gear solid and Bleach. So gather around and help this amazing artist

The Comic is scheduled for a December Release, depending if the Kickstarter makes its goal

The project becomes live on October 21st .

Daganronpa Anime

Before I begin I havens played the game as I don’t own a PlayStation portable or Vita.

This anime created in the Summer of 2013 based on the visual novel/murder mystery game sharing the title or Trigger Happy Havoc was created by Lerche who worked on such famous titles as Persona 4 and Devil Survivor 2.

The story is about a school called Hopes Peak Academy where 13 top students and 1 other , 13 highly skilled or talented in their fields ranging from baseball to being a thug and 1 student who gets in through sheer luck through a lottery draw. The lucky student is Makoto Naegi a average student who upon stepping on the school grounds passes out . When he awakes in the school with no knowledge of how he got there . When he finds the other students. A announcement is made by a remote controlled demonic looking teddy bear referring to himself as Monobear and declaring himself the principal of the school . The students are given two choices . Live out their lives within the school for their entire life or go through graduation where they have to commit a murder and not get caught. If the murderer is caught they go through a special punishment and if the student doesn’t get caught everyone else is killed and the murderer is set free.

As the students explore the school the stakes begin to get higher as they learn this school has become the ultimate trap of despair for them.

That is all of the story I can give as they story from episode 2 onwards goes into major spoiler country. But what is refreshing about this show compared to similar anime titles its sheer honesty of portraying its made just like the game even when people are solving crimes it feels like your playing the game yourself. The soundtrack is completely infectious and hauntingly catchy .

The only problem I have with the series is its way to short of a show I would felt if they spent an extra episode developing the characters to get a sense of whether you want a character to survive or not

Overall score 4.3/5 special punishments

Geek Eire talks about the Jiggle

Shonnen Jump introduce jiggling into their online content

Penn Ward quits Adventure Time

DC Comics prints some shirts that piss off people

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Geek Eire The Great Troll Sama laughs at your neckbeard

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