Attack of the Were Feels – Review Wolf Children

When 19 year old college student Hana falls in love with a mysterious man in her class. It begins a tale like no has ever told . Directed and Written by the famous Mamoru Hosoda who has previously worked on Summer Wars, Digimon Adventures and Crying Freeman. This man is a force to be taken seriously as his films are strong with under tones of family and bonding . His work can put some of Studio Ghibli’s to shame . 


Out starts out as sign of friendship blooms into a romance and shared secret . When the man tells Hana that he is actually a Ookami (wolf creature) They begin a relationship that takes your breath away . The beginning of a family is born .

Sadly Tragedy strikes and Hana is left without any guidance . Taking care of 2 children that can transform into a wolf . She begins a new journey with her family moving out to the country .


Review: This movie is truly breath taking .

Characters – Not just enjoyable characters but believable . Every character from the background characters of the city and the country people seem to translated perfectly . I can picture these people in my own landscape of Ireland . These aren’t characters in a storybook but people playing role in their own lives. 

Music- The music played through out the film makes you slowly want to cry . Even a simple scene showing landscape. Best music in a Anime Film in ages

animation – brilliant and flow together perfectly

Rating 5/5 Feels




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