Valentines Day Recommendation No. 1 Gantz

Picking a number 1 hit for Valentines Day is quite tough since so much anime has a romantic theme throughout the shows and movies . It’s hard to avoid the topic of relationships it surrounds everything media we consume . Horror, Comedy Drama, whether movies or tv shows . Its something you cant avoid

But Gantz is something of Masterpiece spanning 2 Live Action Movies , a manga which lasted 13 years and 26 episode Anime .


The story centers around 2 high school students Kei and Masaru. As they are just about to get hit by a subway are magically transported to a empty room filled with assorted people and giant Black ball known as Gantz . Soon they learn they are all dead and none of them can leave the room .

The Ball opens up to, revealing a bald naked and shriveled man with a breathing mask and electronics attached to his head, with three racks each carrying custom suit that when worn gives them super human abilities and 3 weapons. Image

The ball tells them through electronically through text . They must compete for points by destroying aliens that have invaded earth . The person who claims 100 points can either return to the real world and live happily ever after or bring someone else back from the dead who has died in the so called game.

The Characters – The Characters in this series go through a vast change in characters . In the beginning Kei is typical asshole . He cares for nothing but his own desires . But after later mission he learns to take care of his team ( assorted Gantz room people). Literally he is the perfect reluctant hero . In the beginning you hate him but as people start to die off and he grows He becomes the hero through hardship pain and death he earns the title of leader .

Why is this a recommendation. You may ask there is a hundred different titles I could of chosen but Valentines Day for people that are single and or going through a hard and dark times. This show echoes a message sometimes things will go dark and crappy as they get but you just have to get through it any way you can.It doesn’t preach a message that things will get better or you will happily ever after . But it’s the message that you need you just need to keep on going.

So good luck to all in surviving what I think is the most miserable time of the year. Image


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