Valentines Suggestion 1 Blood the Last Vampire film

First off I hate the month of February the weather is miserable and you cant run away from the fact your single and in my case you don’t want you Anime forcing the sappy feeling you hit the right place.


Blood the Last Vampire made in 2000. Set in 1966 Japan centers  around Saya who hunts and kills Bat like creatures called chiropterans. Employed by a shady  American agency she is sent to American naval base high school (common for families shipped over seas). There in the school . It prepares for Valentines Day dance . Cue the scene as the Vampire Bat creatures and Saya face off in this Action film


verdict : While it may have spawned many video games ,anime,live action films , and alternative time line anime series . This Film has its flaws . First of all its extremely short . Being only 50 minutes in Length . While the action scenes  and soundtrack are high paced and brilliant.

The character designs are unique as there is a high amount of detail in Saya Lips being well known as Blow job lips . They stick out way too much.

Final Verdict Well worth a watch around this crappy holiday season and no romantic mood what so ever



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