Your Guide To Anime Conventions in Ireland

Every Anime Convention here in Ireland has its own feeling a spirit animal. So for anyone out there based in outside Ireland and America . Its good to plan your things in advance since Ireland has its conventions more spread out a little more than in America due to Heat and over booking with other events.

Some conventions have been left out please take note this is my list of top conventions


Location Galway university

Date: Set second or third weekend in January roughly

If this convention was a person it be the close friend you just want to hug .

This convention only after having their third convention. It will always feel welcoming and with a warm greeting and a cold pint . On the Campus of the college food and drink prices are usually fair.The special guests are a good mixture of Internet related guests and Japanese Guests . But the biggest thing about the Convention is the staff and committee. Because being in the West of Ireland things are friendlier calmer almost . I’ve seen the committee and staff go through hell and back with some of the crazier and to put it modestly personality of a bear with pms and has been starved of food and poked with a stick for a week.

Its spirit would be portrayed as this


Strong Majestic and Powerful- I hope this convention stays like this for years to come.

Epic Con aka Phenomecon Ireland

Location Maynooth College Campus

Date February second or third week 

Very small and Friendly convention creating a small community based with a good mixture of Rpgs and niche style panels . This convention is only starting out to make it big

Its Spirit Animal would be Image

Friendly, small and slightly awkward at times but still lovable


Location: Limerick University

Brocon has a long gaming tradition has a feeling of family . There is  welcoming atmosphere that makes you want to enjoy yourself set in Limerick University It’s fun bubbly dynamic that doesn’t need to try to up their game with gimicks every year . They don’t need to. They are unique that like people they show sometimes its just great to be yourself.

Spirit Animal


Fun, entertaining every time .


Location Ballsbridge Dublin

Date August

While a lot of the conventions on the list have a feeling of relaxed and enjoy yourself . The Dublin conventions have a different scene . Shots, Raves and high times explain this atmosphere as the feeling of the convention is a mixture of a convention and New Years party. One of the top conventions for Special guests as Some of the special guests include Tiffany Grant , Matt Greenfield and Veronica Taylor . This year will host Chris Sabbat . Making This Nomcon one of highest party conventions of the year .

Spirit Animal



Location Dublin Croke Park

Date November

The First anime convention has the best guests and traders hall . After upping its anti in 2013 by changing its venues to Croke Park ( a highly historic Venue) This is the convention where anything can happen and more likely will. There will be good times and weird times but not really any bad times though . The volunteers and committee have put up with a lot but They put on a great show.

Spirit Animal


gotta love a classic

Well there is a final mention is  Kaizoku Con which is based in Cork but it hasnt happened yet but more than likely it will also be fun and enjoyable like the other conventions.


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