Sherlock Dr Who and the State of Fandom

First off I would like to state I love Fandom . There is a feeling of love and acceptance when you connect with someone either online or in the Real World where you share the same interest. For geeks its like following a football team . On the other side of things I dread for Fandom is when it corrupts the material its based on. When Fandom turns a innocent property to smut.

Let’s use a case study to help explain my point Sherlock and Dr Who . Both these shows carry a huge fanbase . I love Dr Who but sometimes the fanbase goes to far and creates disturbing smut sometimes . One for me if I see it ruins what love about the show . Yes everyone has a opinion and have dirty thoughts . But not everyone has the right to advertise a bastardization of a creative property.

Sherlock has a huge fanbase but has a creepy fan base of making the main characters Sherlock and Watson …

Now this has 2 problem in my eyes .

1 Destruction of great work of fiction with mostly either badly drawn or badly written fiction . (I’m not saying this article is Pulitzer prize material)

2 The actors – all of the actors in the show are hard working either well established actors or upcoming actors . They have private lives and at some point or even now have families . Their children will grow up and look up Sherlock and discover questionable content on their parents

It be worse than discovering your mom or dad was in a porn

So thats my 2 cents look forward for more words of wisdom in the future




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