Sherlock Dr Who and the State of Fandom

First off I would like to state I love Fandom . There is a feeling of love and acceptance when you connect with someone either online or in the Real World where you share the same interest. For geeks its like following a football team . On the other side of things I dread for Fandom is when it corrupts the material its based on. When Fandom turns a innocent property to smut.

Let’s use a case study to help explain my point Sherlock and Dr Who . Both these shows carry a huge fanbase . I love Dr Who but sometimes the fanbase goes to far and creates disturbing smut sometimes . One for me if I see it ruins what love about the show . Yes everyone has a opinion and have dirty thoughts . But not everyone has the right to advertise a bastardization of a creative property.

Sherlock has a huge fanbase but has a creepy fan base of making the main characters Sherlock and Watson …

Now this has 2 problem in my eyes .

1 Destruction of great work of fiction with mostly either badly drawn or badly written fiction . (I’m not saying this article is Pulitzer prize material)

2 The actors – all of the actors in the show are hard working either well established actors or upcoming actors . They have private lives and at some point or even now have families . Their children will grow up and look up Sherlock and discover questionable content on their parents

It be worse than discovering your mom or dad was in a porn

So thats my 2 cents look forward for more words of wisdom in the future




Akumakon 2014 and the new year

We Review our favorite convention of the year Akumakon which is held in the gorgeous Galway City in Ireland . We also start Kazuma’s Japanese word of the week section of the podcast. Sean alpha also talks Gatchaman Crowds