News and Updates


2014 at Galway’s annual animation convention Akumakon . Will be host for Geek Eire very first podcast panel . Where Geek Eire and our friends we love to threaten and make fun of Ani4serz will attempt a Review off 2 sides tackle the 1983 and 2004 anime oav and movie of Appleseed the manga that was a basis for Ghost in a Shell . In a space of a couple of years Ireland has gone from no podcasts covering anime ,videogames,comics etc to well there is more than one as Youtubers vs Podcasters clash in this Spectacle . Dates for the Convention are January 17-19.

 In other new we will be recording a Xmas themed episode soon covering the highlights of 2013 in the geek world along with some conventions coming up in the new year